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Argentina and Uruguay to donate skin injured in fire in Santa Maria

The Gauchos will receive further donations from the Hospital of the USP and the Institute of Integrative Medicine of Pernambuco

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Argentina and Uruguay have made donations of skin and amniotic membrane (tissue) to Brazil. The material will be used in the recovery of victims of the fire at Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria (RS), who suffered burns and was taken to the hospital where the wounded.

Altogether, the two countries sent yesterday (28) 12,400 cm cubic human skin and 27,328 cm cubic amniotic membrane. The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) said it was not possible to quantify the number of people who can benefit from the donation, it depends on the extent of the burns each wounded.

According to the regulator, stocks Skin Santa Casa de Porto Alegre, one of three skin banks of Brazil, were not enough to meet demand. Apart from international donations, the Gauchos received donations from other Brazilian banks - the Hospital of the Federal University of São Paulo and the Instituto de Medicina Integral Professor Fernando de Pernambuco Filgueiras.

Volunteers helped save lives in hospital

The University Hospital of Santa Maria improvised five intensive care beds to meet the victims of the fire at the Disco Kiss. A ward with equipment, was transformed into an intensive care unit (ICU) guaranteeing at least three vacancies to suit those present chemical pneumonitis, caused by toxic smoke.

The hospital's director of nursing, Soeli War, says that 120 people came to the clinic on the day of the tragedy and remained under observation. Most were discharged then two patients with burns were transferred to Porto Alegre and the others were taken to hospitals. According to her, despite the moment of intense demand, all patients were seen, mainly due to the help of volunteers. "If I had come twice [people], we would have met," he said. "I did not need to call anyone. Presented If alumni [of medicine], servers off on vacation, nurses who took a bus from Florianopolis and put the name on the scale here. Had people voluntarily worked 20 hours uninterrupted" he said.

Currently, 11 victims of the tragedy are admitted to hospital, but people with late symptoms of chemical pneumonitis have yet appeared, and the number may increase.

The idea of ​​increasing the number of beds is sure not to miss vacancies victims of the tragedy, not to overload the existing beds and not leave without intensive care patients with other serious health problems. The hospital is in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul and serves several nearby municipalities.

"Patients over 40 nearby municipalities still looking for us and the value of life is the same," he said. According to the director, if necessary, new ICU beds can be assembled. The hospital has 14 beds of permanent intensive, three of which are in seriously ill patients because of fire, beyond the five assembled temporarily.

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