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Medical Act Law can be voted in plenary this semester

Regulating the practice of medicine being processed for ten years and has been discussed in 24 public hearings

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Waiting for an agreement to define the final text of the bill that regulates the practice of medicine and establishes the activities of private doctors, called the Medical Act, to be voted in plenary this semester.

The matter, which is being processed for ten years in Congress, has already been approved in committees Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ), Education, Culture and Sports (EC) and the Commission of Social Affairs (CAS).

Presented in 2002 by former Senator Benicio Sampaio, the project has left the Senate in 2006, as a substitute of Senator Lúcia Vânia (PSDB-GO), rapporteur on CAS. Sent to the House, was modified again and returned to the Senate as the new replacement in October 2009.

The regulation of the practice of medicine was discussed in 24 public hearings. In December last year, after the joint hearing of the EC and CAS, which were heard representatives of the Ministries of Health and Education and the National Council of Education, the project was approved unanimously.

With the changes approved, the text under discussion (SCD 268/2002) provides for exclusivity as the doctor, surgeries, general anesthesia, hospitalization and higher. Custodial activities are also of the category issuing reports of endoscopy and imaging; invasive diagnostic procedures, and pathology (for diagnosis of disease or for determining the evolution of tumors).

Would not be considered private cytopathology tests and their reports, the collection of biological specimens for clinical laboratory tests, and procedures through natural orifices anatomical structures in order to recover physical-functional and not compromising the cellular and tissue structure.

Withdrawn its application for emergency vote, setting the text in plenary was combined between Senators and professional bodies in order to not conflict with the other categories of health.

The President of the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (Cremesp), Renato Azevedo Jr., stated that the new rules are of great importance for the proper practice of medicine in Brazil and for the safety of society. He urged doctors paulistas accompanying the handling of the matter in the Senate in 2013, and send email with request for support for all senators.

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22/01/2013 23:25:43
Este projeto é um dos mais esperados pela categoria medica, pois protegerá a medicina e a população da invasão indevida da profissão médica e obrigará o gestor contratar médicos, sem substitui-los por outros profissionais, principalmente na assistência básica. Quem em sã consciência pode ser contrario a regulamentação dos atos privativos dos médicos? Em todos os países desenvolvidos isso aconteceu. O projeto evoluiu, amadureceu e preserva explicitamente a regulamentação de todas a profissões da área da saude, além disso informa quais atos não sao privativos dos medicos e podem ser compartilhados com as demais categorias, O SUS AGRADECE, a população também.
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