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Brazil will feature four new banks umbilical cord blood

Blood is used in bone marrow transplantation. According to the government, only 30% of patients find donor family

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Brazil will build four new public banks for collection of umbilical cord blood by 2016. The information was released by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday (22). The cord blood contains stem cells which increases the chances of patients find a compatible donor for bone marrow transplant in the country. Only 30% of patients find a donor in the family. Seventy percent dependent on the public sector banks. Currently, more than a thousand Brazilians are looking for a compatible donor.

According to the director of the transplant center of the National Cancer Institute (INCA), Luis Fernando Bouzas, the umbilical cord blood can cure up to 80 diseases. The cord blood stem cells have different characteristics that will meet these people who do not have a donor in their family. Are patients with leukemia, severe genetic diseases affecting the bone marrow, immune system with lymphomas and certain types of tumors, ie, about 80 different diseases least benefit from bone marrow transplantation.

Luis Fernando Bouzas recalls that prior to the donation of umbilical cord blood the baby's mother goes through a series of tests. Pregnant women must be accompanied in prenatal examinations with so there is no infection and diseases that may be transmitted by blood. If the mother agrees to donate the material to a public bank, she will sign a consent form.

Currently in Brazil, 12 public banks that store cord blood are operating. Already more than ten thousand units stored throughout the country the total, about 150 have been used in transplants since 2001. The construction and maintenance of the units is part of the Ministry of Health partnership with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic Development. For the construction will be invested R $ 23 million.

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Um otimo trabalho.
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