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Campo Grande enacts emergency due to dengue epidemic

City has registered more than nine thousand cases. Currently circulating serotypes Den-1, Den-2 and Den-4 in state

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The city of Campo Grande (MS) decreed, on Monday (21), an emergency because of the dengue epidemic in the city, which now enrolls approximately 715 suspected cases per day.

In an interview with Brazil Agency, Mayor Alcides Bernal explained that the measure was taken considering the need for urgent response to the epidemic control and based on records from the Municipal Health indicate that 9320 cases reported in the city.

Another factor that led to the decree, he said, is the cocirculação serotypes Den-1, Den-2 and Den-4, the latter with the recent introduction in the municipality. The type 4 had not circulated here and that makes all the susceptible population, with a prevalence of 64% of reported cases, Bernal said.

Office hours in basic health units, according to the mayor, was extended from 7 to 24 hours, including Saturdays and Sundays. From 5-18 January, more than 50,000 people sought outpatient care in these units, and 5000 patients received hydration and 23 people had to be transferred to hospitals.

The numbers show that this epidemic is the greatest of all time, Bernal said, recalling similar situations recorded in the city in 2007 and 2010. The decree brings the possibility of hiring health workers without competition, for example. We have discovered many areas and we want to hire 160 agents to control endemic diseases, he added.

The city also plans to expand the number of vehicles available for the shares of fogging (spraying with insecticide) and, if necessary, contract beds in private health care to meet the demand of patients. The decree addresses this need legal. It is a providence that the municipal manager must take to avoid waiting too long, he said.

The city also succeeded at the Court of Mato Grosso do Sul, an authorization for teams of health workers entering the closed properties to combat the outbreak of the mosquito.

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