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Assistance for crack users in Rio will be announced in the coming months

City council suspends operations in host Brazil Avenue; municipal plan will have 24 hour care

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Transactions host of addicts in Brazil Avenue are suspended, the Municipal Social Welfare River (SMAS). Last week, a 10 year old boy died hit while trying to cross the avenue, one of the busiest River, running from one operation to accommodate região.De crack users in accordance with the note of SMAS, actions have been enhanced to ensure safer operations, ensuring the treatment of dependent and not endanger his life.

Secretary of Social Welfare, Adilson Pires, said a municipal plan was prepared and taken to the Ministry of Health He should be announced in the coming months. According to him, the measure will complement the actions of the secretariat. The plan provides 24 hour care services, including outpatient in places where addicts are concentrated, and Centers for Psychosocial Care (CAPS) specializing in the treatment of addicts.

The compulsory hospitalization of children and adolescents addicted is questioned by organizations defending human rights, such as the coordinator of the Network River Child, Marcia Gatto, which brings together 14 non-governmental organizations. She said the measure is a setback before the National Policy on Mental Health, which aims to end the beds for patients with mental disorders.

The treatment has to be linked with the Caps [Psicosscocial Care Center], which works with damage reduction, we can not overlook that. People are mental health specialists and this is part of a whole fight antimanicomial said.

Marcia remembers that youths were kept in appalling conditions in the inpatient unit of the municipal network, which was run by a military police officer who responds to the process for 42 murders. After termination of the press, the contract was suspended. In addition, reports that in most of the houses of detention run by churches, youth are subjected to a daily routine of prayer and treatment, through work.

Since March 31, 2011, when the SMAS began joint operations with the security agencies to confront the epidemic of crack, 146 shares were held in major cracolândias the municipality. In all, 6228 acolhimentos, and 5423 adults and 785 children and adolescents. Earlier this year, the action resulted in 44 approaches to adults.

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