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Michele Caputo Neto, State Secretary of Health, during videoconference with more than 300 mayors and health
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Michele Caputo Neto, State Secretary of Health, during videoconference with more than 300 mayors and health

Of the 667 dengue cases confirmed to date in Paraná, 73% (488) were recorded in the four counties currently epidemic situation - Peabiru, San Carlos Ivaí, Phoenix and Japurá, besides the municipality of Paranavaí, which is already in state critical to the disease but not yet in epidemic. The figures were presented on Tuesday (15) during videoconference with more than 300 mayors and health of infested municipalities and take into account the epidemiological period ranging from August 2012 until this Tuesday.

With the record of movement of four serotypes of virus, Paraná has a new panorama of coping with dengue. All people should have knowledge of the characteristic symptoms of the disease, such as high fever, headache, body ache and vomiting. In case of suspected dengue, the person should be referred immediately to a health facility.

The entire population is susceptible to the disease serotype 4, which facilitates the spread of dengue in cities with high rates of infestation. In addition, increases the risk of serious cases, such as dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue complication. Health professionals must remain vigilant and prepared to identify and treat suspected cases.

The deployment of the rapid test dengue in Peabiru, San Carlos Ivaí and Foz do Iguaçu has enabled early diagnosis of the disease in various situations. The new methodology allows the virus detected cases are still in the early days after the first symptoms of dengue.

According to the Superintendent of Health Surveillance, Peace Sezifredo The main goal is to prevent deaths. We will strengthen support to municipalities with a financial incentive to improve health surveillance, including in combating dengue. It is expected that about 30 priority municipalities receive these resources in an emergency. The other 369 will also benefit later said.

According to the mayor of Peabiru, Claudinei Minchio, who attended the videoconference, the city is in a state of public calamity. There were 186 confirmed cases reported so far and 1,114 suspects. The municipal emergency department arrived to meet daily around 200 people with symptoms of dengue. Our city has gone through two epidemics in the past five years and by different serotypes of the virus. We are in the streets to fight the mosquito front, even with the help of staff from the neighboring counties, he said.

<b> Deaths </ b>

In Peabiru, a death from dengue hemorrhagic follows research. Samples were collected and sent for analysis at the Central Laboratory of the State should issue a confirmatory report until Wednesday (16). Recently it was reported by the press in one death Cambará suspect, but the case was dismissed this week

Serotype <b> </ b>

According to the State Secretary of Health, Michele Caputo Neto, the state enters the most delicate period in relation to dengue. With the introduction of type 4 dengue virus in Paraná, the gradual increase of cases and climatic conditions favorable for mosquito proliferation, warned that the situation is very worrying and so it deserves full commitment of managers, civil society and especially the population, he said.

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