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Sleepiness in time of concentration can be a symptom of narcolepsy

Symptom that characterizes a more severe form of the disease is catalepsy, muscle strength loss in general that can be

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Excessive sleepiness and fatigue during the day may be symptoms of narcolepsy, a neurological disorder of sleep, warns Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UFMG, Rogério Beato. The sleep attacks can occur in moments that demand a concentration or physical effort, such as inside a bus during a medical appointment, or even driving the car in the most monotonous, says expert Cognitive Neurology.

One symptom that characterizes a more severe form of the illness is catalepsy, a loss of strength in muscles that may be general and may lead to falls, or more localized, such as the jaw or even the eyelid, caused by stimulation of surprise, laughter or even anger.

Narcolepsy generates a symptom known as sleep paralysis that is characterized as a temporary paralysis of the body immediately after awakening or, less frequently, immediately before going to sleep. The narcolepso may have even experienced hallucinations before sleep or just before the vigil, complete Rogério.

<b> Diagnosis and treatment </ b>

After consultation clinic is indicated polysomnography, which records up sleep time and the number of times the person woke up, and then the test is done in multiple sleep latency. Narcolepsy is identified when a person has excessive daytime sleepiness and the presence of REM sleep, characterized by dreams shortly after sleeping.

Narcolepsy has no cure and the causes are still unknown, but there are several treatments and ongoing research, says the professor.

After diagnosis, the patient can use drugs central nervous system stimulants used for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness. To alleviate catalepsy are mainly used antidepressants.

According Rogério Beato, the bearer of narcolepsy can have good quality of life, since adopted some habits, as scheduled naps during the day to prevent accidents caused by drowsiness or during hazardous activities that require attention. He also noted that it is common narcoleptic being overweight. A balanced diet also prevents other diseases associated with overweight such as diabetes and high cholesterol, oo expert guides.

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