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ID card may be required for newborn

For the text under review in the House, newborn only receive medical discharge upon submission of this document

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The Board examines Bill 4410/12 by Mr Santo Onofre Agostini (PSD-SC), which mandates the production of identity cards for newborn by the civil registration records. For the text, the newborn will only receive medical discharge upon production of this document.

According to the project, the identification will be done by photo and fingerprint of the child's feet, and other forms of identification.

The bill exempts people demonstrably poor payment of the first track of identity.

The author argues that the proposal is intended to solve one of the problems existing in the country to identify abducted children, or exchanged in maternity, for lack of a national data bank of newborns.

The quality of the identification of the newborn is especially critical to prevent the swap, and even for solving future problems, when trying to ask questions about the identity of a child who may have disappeared or have been replaced previously said.

The proposal is appended to the PL 308/95, pending inclusion in the agenda of the Plenary.

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posted on:
10/01/2013 10:08:07
Me parece una medida estupenda para evitar los secuestros, además la identificación de un bebé nada más nacer es un derecho que facilita garantías como la sanidad o la educacición. Os dejo un artículo que reflexiona en profundidad sobre el Derecho a la identidad. Espero que os resulte interesante:
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