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Missing at least 1,500 doctors in federal hospitals Rio says CREMERJ

According to medical advice, wages incompatible with the market have led to avoidance of professionals from public

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Jorge Darze, president of the Association of Physicians of the State of Rio de Janeiro
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Jorge Darze, president of the Association of Physicians of the State of Rio de Janeiro

The Association of Physicians of Rio de Janeiro (CREMERJ) estimates that, to solve the problem of shortage of medical professionals in six hospitals of the federal state capital, you need at least 1,500 more doctors and review the current hiring policy. Salaries incompatible with the market and competition have caused temporary avoidance of medical public health system. Labor is a temporary measure that has been ineffective throughout Brazil. The federal government needs to review its human resources policy. No use having a large structure with this bankruptcy of human resources, said the union president, Jorge Darze.

The federal hospitals in Rio de Janeiro are the Andaraí of Bonsucesso, north, Cardoso Fontes, Jacarepaguá, Ipanema and Lagoa, in the south, and State of Servers, port area.

<b> Health Ministry admits failures </ b>

On a visit to Rio de Janeiro last month, when he announced the creation of beds in public hospitals, the Health Minister Alexandre Padilha admitted that lack federal medical units, but argued that the lack of such labor occurs, mainly because few quality professionals are being trained.

Our numbers show that. No use having only more doctors, we need trained professionals for the health needs of the population. Brazil needs a strategic plan for training doctors. Padilha said that while Brazil has 1.8 doctors per thousand inhabitants, Spain and Portugal have more than three thousand inhabitants, Cuba has six per thousand inhabitants and neighboring Argentina, three doctors per thousand inhabitants.

<b> Recomposition professionals </ b>

In the opinion of the Secretary-General and Coordinator of the Public Health Commission of the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (CREMERJ), Pablo Vazquez, no point in creating new beds if there are no doctors to care for patients. He believes that there are a large number of medical retirements without replacement at the same speed. In the ICU [Intensive Care Unit] Pediatric Cardoso Fontes Hospital, for example, beds were closed because doctors have retired and were not hired replacements. The main problem in the health of the river is the lack of human resources, said.

For the public defender federal Daniel Macedo, owner of 2nd Office of Human Rights and Trusteeship Collective, the latest episode queues kilometric the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (Into) in the center, is an example of the lack of manpower in the institutions of Federal health in Rio de Janeiro.

As the population grows the number of beds decreases. This last case that occurred with Into demonstrates the ills in dealing with health. The government really turned cosas health and think Brazil will embarrass the big sporting events, said. Another example is the Federal Emergency Hospital Bonsucesso (HFB), in the north, who works for nearly two years in temporary containers installed in an area near the parking lot of the hospital.

Less beds <b> </ b>

The advocate noted that besides the problems caused by the shortage of doctors, the Rio de Janeiro has lost more than 7000 beds in the Unified Health System (SUS) between 2005 and 2012, according to a study by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), released in September. The number corresponds to 18% of all public spaces. Proportionally, was the third largest loss among the units of the Federation.

Padilha The minister explained that the decrease in the number of beds is related to the closure of psychiatric beds. Now we are opening the channels that have the profile of the new health demands of the population, "he said. Brazil cut correctly more than 20 000 psychiatric beds, which were asylums. Opening bed without quality service, equipment and supply without the need Local health that adequately responds to the need of the population, "he explained.

With information <i> Agency Brazil </ i>

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