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Provide data for the industry can be considered unethical, says CFM

Federal Board of Medicine to practice alert laboratories to meet questionnaires about medical treatments

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Maria do Carmo Wanssa Demasi, president of CREMERO
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Maria do Carmo Wanssa Demasi, president of CREMERO

Physicians should be aware of a new way to approach the labs to meet questionnaires about treatments. The subject was one of the themes of the board meeting of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) with the presidents of the regional councils of Medicine (CRMs), recently, in Brasília (DF).

According to the report of the President of the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rondônia (Cremero), Maria do Carmo Wanssa Demasi, under the pretense of understanding the dynamics of treatment, physicians are asked to fill out questionnaires about patients on visits by representatives, meetings and mailers. Generally the company emissary invitation does not provide its name, or the doctor did not know at first who will use the data provided. There is a system of awards presented during the approach, by e-mail, establishing points that can be redeemed for gifts or money. The doctor is invited to register at a website to get a username and password.

We need doctors, especially younger ones, realize how unethical it is this kind of approach, evaluates Maria do Carmo.

The CFM statement sent to CRMs on the subject, highlighting the risks for doctors, to be bound to such research. The Code of Medical Ethics (CEM), for example, prohibits the physician practice as interaction with addiction or pharmacy, pharmaceutical, optical or any organization dedicated to manufacturing, handling, promotion or marketing of prescription drugs, whatever its nature.

Other documents also address the issue. The CFM 1.939/2010 seals the filling of any sort of registration, form, form, card information or documents like. This guideline remember that using methodology that constitutes a database of clinical information and the consequent stratification and classification of users characterized as a practice whose goals are eminently commercial. The doctor, when entering as indispensable piece for this kind of sales promotion of pharmaceuticals, medical exercises such as trade, working in interaction with the pharmaceutical company, which is forbidden by EMC, says the document.

In February this year, an agreement was signed with ethical standards for physician-pharmaceutical industry. The aim was to clarify the interaction between the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and equipment. According to the document, the health care system has been characterized as a dynamic and innovative environment that has led to an unprecedented integration between the different actors involved in the health system, while imposing the need for limits to ensure the exercise of their activities within the highest ethical principles. Providing data for the industry was not handled by the document, but the distribution of gifts was regulated. This protocol provides that materials eventually offered must relate to medical practice, such as publications, Single copies of scientific journals (excluding periodical subscriptions), anatomical models etc.. Products in current use (pens, pencils, notebooks etc.) Are not allowed, nor advantages in money as in cases brought by Cremero.

Source: CFM
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