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Postgraduate courses can not confer the title of specialist medical

TRF determines that a graduate degree may not enroll in medical councils or advertise as a specialist titles

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A decision of the Regional Federal Court (TRF) of the First Region, published in November, consolidates understanding of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) that courses post-graduation courses do not give the doctor the right to enroll in medical councils as experts or announce such securities. The decision dismissed the appeal physicians who were claiming to use in ads, the term "post-graduate". Petitioning, although the art. 3, paragraph "i" of Resolution 1.974/11 CFM had suspended its effects.

The TRF, however, understood and emphasized that academic degrees (graduate sensu lato), although recognized by MEC, may be confused, to the untrained eye, with the medical specialty recognized by the medical councils. "Therefore, to recognize the medical specialty, the board may legitimately be more demanding than the MEC, the regulatory minimum requirements."

In its ruling, the court noted that "in any way the performance of CFM prevents or inhibits the acquisition of higher degrees of education." In the document, the federal judge Renato Martins Prates argues that the decision is intended to prevent the only doctor who has postgraduate course may be admitted as an expert in a particular medical field without having all the necessary requirements, inducing customer confusion.

For the CFM, the decision is in accordance with the laws and rules governing the matter, pointing to the jurisdiction of the entity to determine, by resolution, the necessary qualifications for the advertising of medical specialties. The decision "unquestionably establishes that lato sensu not grant values ​​for qualifications for professional practice or advertising of medical specialties," said the 1st Vice President Carlos Vital.

According to the resolution, the announcement is vetoed graduate held for pedagogical training, except when related to specialty or area of ​​expertise duly registered in CRM.

<b> CFM strengthens understanding physicians </ b>

In several reports to physicians, CFM has highlighted that postgraduate courses broadly, though recognized by MEC, have no value to the professional activity and do not enable the physician to advertise as a specialist, having only academic value.

Only two forms may lead the physician to obtain the specialization: through a proof of titles and skills of specialty societies affiliated to the Brazilian Medical Association and / or residency recognized by the National Residency.

The organization has discussed the matter and is constantly attentive to advertisements of some courses that lead to misinterpretation. Also emphasizes that the residence is a multi-modality categories broadly aimed at health professionals, except the doctor (Law 11.129/05). In the case of these three options (multi residence, specialization courses and residency), only those who attended the latter may be conferred the title of expert. The doctor can only specialty announce when the title is registered in CRM.

Source: CFM
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