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Chair stand test is able to assess mortality risk

Assessment begins with ten points, five for and five to sit up, use of support determines loss of points

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Patient starts the Test Sitting Lift with 10 points, and each support used, the physician evaluating the score decreases
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Patient starts the Test Sitting Lift with 10 points, and each support used, the physician evaluating the score decreases

Have you ever imagined a physical test able to assess the level of muscular fitness, revealing their chances of mortality, and without requiring any equipment? It is what it promises Test Sitting Lift (TSL), developed in 1999 by Dr. Claudio Gil Araújo, Gama Filho University professor and director of the Clinical Exercise Medicine (Clinimex).

The patient begins the test with a total of 10 points, five to sit and five others to rise from the ground, using the minimum necessary support and without worrying about the execution speed of motion. Subtracting one point for each support used, which can be hand, knee or leg side, and decreasing half dot if there is a loss of balance, the test seeks to relate the score of the individual's risk of mortality.

To prove his thesis, the physician evaluated 2200 adults between 51 and 80 years. "We conclude that patients with worse performance, those with scores between 0 and 3, are 5.4 times more likely to die from all causes. Results were published in December this year, in one of the most prestigious journals in the area , European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, published by the European Society of Cardiology, "said Araujo, who is Scientist of Our State 1A FAPERJ and researcher of the National Council of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq).

"This study, partly funded by FAPERJ and who had the support of the State Department of Health of Rio de Janeiro, was part of the student's dissertation Leonardo Barbosa Brito. Tracking In about six years, according to data from study, 159 patients died. Among those who had performed worse on the test, 19.2% died while the group had good scores, with scores between 8 and 10, this rate was only 3.6%, "reports researcher . He added that the results are diffused throughout the world. "We've done a quick search on the internet and watch over 400 articles published in more than 60 countries, including the United States, France and Germany."

Araujo notes that the score is not a condemnation nor a prediction of long life, as it can improve or deteriorate according to the habits acquired by the patient. The next step of the study is to reassess the participants to observe how changes in lifestyle and diet can influence the initial note. "For those with advanced age, hold a high score already obtained is good news," he recalls.

<b> Simplicity and effectiveness </ b>

According to Araujo, who is a cardiologist who specializes in sports medicine, the TSL was thought by observing that muscle power, flexibility, balance and coordination may also be related to cardiovascular risk factors. "Since the test was developed, already applied in about five thousand people of different ages and have published numerous articles with the results. Accordingly, assess what we know is a good or bad score for each age group" , explains the researcher. He points out that, for all studies are excluded amputees with physical and sensory disabilities, with advanced musculoskeletal diseases and pregnant women.

The TSL can run in any environment without the need for specific equipment or physical contact between doctor and patient. Araujo advises the use of comfortable clothes that do not restrict the movements of arms and legs and use a non-slip mat to avoid slipping mainly to older people. Another positive point, highlighted by the researcher, is that both the scoring system and the meaning of the test results are easily understood by the people. The video that accompanies the article and shows step by step the TSL has been viewed by more than 130,000 people, only the first ten days and can be seen on Youtube. Check below.

Claudio Gil Araujo
Teste de Sentar e Levantar - TSL (English subtitles) Nov2011

Source: FAPERJ
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