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Survey will examine the process of managing the workforce in SUS from the perception of the management team

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An unpublished research on the management of labor in the Unified Health System (SUS) will be held in 82 municipalities in northern Paraná. With support from the Ministry of Health, CNPq and Araucaria Foundation, Elisangela Pinafo Professor, State University of Northern Paraná (UENP) will examine the process of managing the workforce in SUS from the perception of the management team.

One goal of the study is to identify and characterize the municipal management team, the criteria used for designating this group, the instruments used to manage, as well as the existing structure for the activities.

The study aims to improve the quality of care delivered in the Public Health Care and contribute to the improvement of the activities, and encourage the development of strategies for fixing the workforce in small towns (with population less than 20 thousand). The investment will be $ 125,000.

<b> Survey </ b>

The development of research quantitative and qualitative will have the support of Londrina State University (UEL) and the Department of Health of Paraná through the 16 th, 17 th, 18 th, 19 th and 22 th Regional Health and 82 small towns in the region related to research. The study population is comprised of healthcare professionals who are part of the management team of the study sites.

The teacher explains that, at first, will be held at the Regional Health and Municipal Health Secretaries of this area, lifting the name of the key people of the municipalities for the development of activities which support the construction of SUS as planning actions , evaluation, negotiation of goals, organization of actions and programs, information systems and health indicators, meetings, among others.

In the second movement, data will be collected with the middle management team, comments Elisangela. According to her, this collection is divided into two parts: a questionnaire to analyze the profile of the team held with all members of the 82 municipalities in the study covering aspects such as age, gender, educational background, length of service in healthcare and experience in management area, and also with semi-structured interview, administered to a sample of convenience. The interview will cover: preparing for participation in management, activities management, support in developing activities; technologies / tools used for production management in everyday life, strengths and difficulties in the municipality for the development of this management.

<b> Workforce </ b>

According to the teacher, who will use the research as a basis for doctoral studies that take place at UEL, the municipal became primarily responsible for managing the network of health services in Brazil. To answer this demand, municipalities have become the main managers of the workforce. In Brazil, the 5505 cities, 3865 are small, which means 70.19% of its total. Because they are small, the researcher highlights, many of them do not even have a technical base at the municipal level, or even the ability to take over the management of the network of health services installed. In the north of Paraná, in the catchment area of ​​macro-Upstate, these cities represent over 80% of the total.

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