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CNS publishes Regiment of the 5th National Conference on Indigenous Health

Text defines steps to be taken before the national meeting, structure and composition of committees and form of financing

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The National Health Council (CNS) published on Thursday (27) in the Official Gazette, the regiment of the 5th National Conference on Indigenous Health. The ordinance provides, among other things, the steps to be performed before the national meeting, the topics to be discussed, the deliberative, the structure and composition of committees and the form of financing.

According to the norm, the objectives of the conference will adopt policies that subsidize actions and local health district and formulate a National Policy for the Health of Indigenous Peoples. The Ministry of Health also republished today ordinance calling for the conference, whose national stage will occur in Brasilia, 26-30 November of next year.

The theme for 2013 will be Subsystem Indigenous Healthcare and SUS: Right, Access, Diversity and Differentiated Attention. The conference will be chaired by Health Minister Alexandre Padilha, and as vice president of the National Health Council, Maria do Socorro de Souza. The Coordinator-General will be the Special Secretary for Indian Health Ministry of Health, Antônio Alves.

The organizing committee will be comprised of 24 members, ten of whom must be indigenous. The others are counselors, managers and professionals working in the area. The national stage will feature 1766 participants, of which 1,536 will be delegates. Of the total, 50% of participants will be representatives of indigenous users, 25% of professionals and 25% of managers and providers of health services.

The ordinance of the encounter with the regiment also provides that up to the Ministry of Health afford the cost of the overall organization for the conference and with the cost of lodging, transportation and meals for delegates attending the national stage. Until the completion of the national phase, the steps will be made local, by the 30th of June, and district, which will run through Sept. 30 of next year.

The last conference was held in Rio Hot (GO) in 2006. Until then, the National Health Foundation (Funasa) was responsible for indigenous health. In 2010, he was replaced in the role by the Special Indigenous Health (Sheshai), linked to the Ministry of Health, which now directly managing the health care of the 225 people who live in the country. For 2013, the expectation of the secretary Antonio Alves is that the budget for the sector to reach U.S. $ 1.1 billion.

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