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Banks collect bottles to increase breastmilk collection in AM

Milk Banks receive two thousand bottles to enlarge donation, but goal is to reach 5000 by June next year

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The collection of bottles for breastmilk collection campaign Pots of Life is part of the government's strategy of encouraging Amazon to expand the collection of breast milk, as donor and there is great awareness in this area in the state. With the inflow of new containers, Milk Banks may increase the number of donors and the amount of breast milk for distribution to newborns treated at state public health, especially in Intensive Care Units (ICU) Neonatal.

In the current government milk banks increased from 1 to 3. The Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants, Sectional Amazon (Abrasel-AM), performed the official handover to the State Government two thousand glass bottles, which will increase the number of donor breast milk. The material will be used in the collection and storage of human milk. The goal of the campaign is to make the collection more 3000 bottles until June next year, totaling 5000 units. The campaign included the participation of 13 companies from food, among bars and restaurants associated with Abrasel, Chamber of Shopkeepers of Manaus, in addition to the solidarity of business customers.

<b> collection stations </ b>

A representative of the actions of Milk Banks of the Amazon, dietitian Tania Batista explained that in all hospitals of the state of health is a collection point of milk and bottles, as well as the Municipal Maternity Tapajoz Moura, plus units private network.

Donors can also do the procedure at home after undergoing the health assessment, the Bank. The material is collected by collector car days and times pre-booked with the donors. More information on donating can be obtained from milk banks for the maternity phones.

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