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Being a little overweight can be good seniors, says study

Changes that occur in the aging process changes the relationship between body mass index and body fat

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Contrary to what may seem, being a little overweight is beneficial for the elderly. The conclusion of a survey conducted recently at the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). In the study, overweight seniors measured by Body Mass Index (BMI) had lower mortality rates than those with normal BMI.

The main problem, according to study author Alline Beleigoli is the exact definition of who would be overweight and obesity in the elderly. In general, the aging process is accompanied by increased fat mass, decrease in lean body mass and also the time when the person becomes more curved, said Alline. These changes make the BMI behave differently in adult and elderly, which may reflect the more lean mass than fat mass in older adults.

For these reasons, the researcher warns against recommending diet only due to high BMI. If the person has a good quality of life without health problems that require restrictions, no need to diet for that reason alone, he says. Measures can be taken to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, but without focusing too much on weight control.

Alline also underscores the fact that overweight be beneficial does not mean that such care should disappear. The proper nutrition and physical activity, for example, are still essential for the prevention and control of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, explains. Physical activity was also associated with a longer life. Elderly people who exercise have more mobility, increased bone density and lean body mass, which is important to keep you more active and better quality of life, he says.

Some models were used to find a measure that was more related to the mortality found in the study of the elderly. The best combination was an association between BMI and waist measurement. For any value of BMI, increased waist size was linked to increased risk of death, explains.

<b> Study Bambuí </ b>

Beleigoli analyzed study data Bambuí Health and Ageing, organized by the Research Institute Rachou René Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. Still in progress, accompanies this city since 1997 elderly Midwestern mining, collecting information on health and lifestyle habits. Of the 1742 people over 60 years to the beginning of the study, 1606 (92%) agreed to participate. For the study we used data obtained up to 2007, in addition to monitoring of death certificates, which enabled these participants to differentiate mortality.

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