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Patient information influences the safety of care

Patients may contribute to the quality of care through questions about their health

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Basics of health of the patient are paramount to ensure safety and better quality of care, consultations, surgeries and procedures. Focusing this aspect, the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) launched the project Patients for Patient Safety in Health Care, which will provide tools and information to improve the quality of care in clinics, admissions and examinations.

According to the general manager of the Agency, Carmen Diana, the project leads to knowledge of the patient a set of rules and regulations aimed at Anvisa safety of health services. One of the tools is a folder design that guides the patient to ask questions that are strategic in the process of health care. The patient should be informed, for example, about what are the risks involved in a surgical procedure and care taken prior to surgery.

At the same time it provides information on the rights of the patient, the brochure suggests that each person Zele for their own health attitudes, how to inform the doctor what medicines you consume before you get a new prescription.

Brazil is one of the countries that make up the World Alliance for Patient Safety, established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2004. The GT which met on Tuesday Opas comes to this topic, which is one of the axes of the cooperation agreement signed between the number 64 and ANVISA Opas. Anvisa released into your page a hot site with a collection of information about patient safety, standards, manuals and promotional materials aimed at patients and health professionals.

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