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Action brand launch of 'My dish Healthy Schools'; children will be evaluated by nutritionists

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Action program
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Action program "My dish Healthy Schools" held on Children's Day in Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo.

The Ministry of Health of São Paulo in partnership with the Ministry of Education, launches on Tuesday (11), the program My dish Healthy Schools, aimed at students from state schools.

Throughout the day, from 7 am to 17:30 nutritionists program designed by the Heart Institute and Hospital of the FMUSP make nutritional assessment of about a thousand students from State School Nagasaki Province, in the north of São Paulo and promote activities to children and train professionals such as teachers and cooks.

The goal of the lawsuit is to educate about nutrition at school age, so that children grow up with proper eating habits, reflecting on a healthier adulthood.

Among the activities at the school where the program is launched, there will be the game of My Healthy dish on the tablet, by which, in a playful manner, the child must assemble a meal by choosing your favorite foods, and given a score according to the percentage of nutrients reached.

There will also be dynamic in groups, in which students must assemble the dishes with food in resin and nutritionists explain the properties of each food and the children could put more or less for better quality meals.

In the kitchen, nutritionists program will guide the cooks about the best way to mount the dish, as recommended by My Healthy dish.

Lunch will be served in two stages, with a class at 11:30 and another at 12:30. On the menu will be served rice, beans, shredded chicken with green beans and raw carrots and cabbage seasoned. For dessert will still be served a fruit.

The dietitians will also create fun dishes, with different setups to encourage children to consume healthy foods.

Each child will take home a booklet of My Healthy dish, beyond the paper tray and a puzzle. Teachers, staff and cooks also receive the booklets programs My Plate and Healthy Eating My dish.

Our main goal is to get the proper nutrition begins early, causing the healthy habit is established for life. In addition, children may be multiplying these teachings and can pass what they learn to their parents and friends, says Elisabete Almeida, executive director of the program.

My dish <b> Healthy </ b>

My dish Healthy program is geared for children ages six months to 10 years and aims to retrofit power, causing children to eat well and healthily.

One of the key concepts of the program that provides the main meals, half the child's plate is filled with vegetables (raw and cooked).

For the other half, fill the dish with 1/4 of protein-rich food such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, should be supplemented with legumes, such as beans, chickpeas, soybeans, lentils. The other quarter of the plate should have foods rich in carbohydrates, preferably in its entirety as rice, pasta, potatoes, cassava, manioc, flour.

The breakfast and snacks should contain at least one protein-rich food, such as yogurt, low-fat cheeses, skim milk, unsweetened soy milk, reduced-fat processed cheeses, fermented milk, egg, turkey breast; a food rich in carbohydrates, preferably it is a source of fiber, such as toast, breads, biscuits fiber, whole cookies, cereal bars, whole grain, and a food of plant origin, may be fruits, vegetables or legumes.

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