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In 30 years, monthly health plans will be priceless

According IDEC if values ​​remain fixed above inflation, services commit over 70% of consumer income

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Research released by the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense (IDEC) suggests that the relationship between the adjustment of health plans, both the individual and the family, and the accumulated inflation between the years 2002 and 2012, showed an increase of 38.12% . If the difference between the rates stay the same for the next 30 years it will be impossible to pay for the service they commit over 70% of consumer income.

According to the survey, health plans continue to be fixed above inflation, further extending the distance and the recomposition of monthly income of the consumer based on the Consumer Price Index (IPCA), the country's official inflation.

Designing the difference in the indices for the next three decades, the tuition will be corrected in 163.49% above the IPCA.

Also according to the survey, if a consumer under 30 years of age who pay on your individual plan R $ 210.07 per month (illustrative value of the individual plan of a major carrier) with income of $ 3,000 per month, commits 7% of their income to honor their commitment to the company. If the conditions are maintained wage replacement and adjustment of the current rules of health plans, consumer when that turn 60, will firstly changed age, and your health plan will have suffered an increase of 296.79%.

Besides this increase, if applied readjustment 163.49% above inflation over the period, your plan will increase from R $ 210.07 to R $ 2,196.28, representing 73.21% of their income, and would remove the payment health plan. This projection is based on the difference between the plans and adjustments of inflation over the past ten years, there is no need, therefore, to estimate the inflation.

Search <b> 2010 </ b>

Idec performed this same simulation in 2010. On occasion, the adjustment index of ANS accumulated between 2000 and 2010 showed a growth of 31.36% above inflation. At the time, the gap projected for the 30 years pointed a commitment income of 54.12% of the income of the employee.

The results of the latest survey indicate that the readjustment of individual and family has been further distancing in relation to the IPCA, because in just two years, this difference has grown into seven more points.

The simulation takes into account only the readjustment of individual / family, which are regulated by the ANS and represent about 20% of the total of more than 48 million consumers and health insurance plans in the country, remember Idec's lawyer Joana Cruz .

If the forecast materializes, the allocation of more than 70% of the income of a consumer to pay the health plan sets an obligation excessively onerous, which, according to the CDC, is abuse and can be annulled by the judiciary, complete.

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