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Letter from Rio alert for epidemic of cardiovascular disease in the world

Document draws attention to the alarming numbers of disease in Brazil alone, cause 300 000 deaths

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Cardiologists from various countries are in Rio de Janeiro to warn of the epidemic of cardiovascular disease, which kills 17 million people a year worldwide. In Brazil alone, there are 300 thousand deaths, according to the Ministry of Health, the Brazilian Cardiology Society (SBC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). To try to reverse the current framework of deaths, was released today (30) Letter from Rio, Brazil during the 3rd Prevent, an event that occurs at the Windsor Atlantica Hotel and ends on Sunday (2), with a walk in Copacabana.

The document is signed by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, Interamerican Society of Cardiology, American Heart Association, European Society of Cardiology and the World Heart Federation. According to the president of the SBC, Jadelson Andrade, the letter proposes goals to be pursued worldwide.

The document assumes that 36 million deaths worldwide were caused by the last decade noninfectious diseases, which we call diseases not reported. And of those, a very significant percentage due to cardiovascular disease. So today, in the world, 17 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease. And if we do not take action like this, it is expected that the number will grow by 2030 to 23 million people, he warned.

The doctor said that in Latin America 43% of deaths from cardiovascular disease are of working age individuals, which causes a large socioeconomic impact. In Brazil, non-communicable diseases cause 72% of deaths, and cardiovascular disease account for 31% of the total. By comparison, he related that cancer deaths are 16.3%, 5.2% for diabetes and respiratory diseases 5.8%. Andrade stressed the importance of implementing public policies to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

There is an urgent need for programs and projects of cardiovascular prevention and effective treatments are established, because that was the way found by many countries in the world to successfully control this epidemic of deaths from cardiovascular disease, including reducing the cost of treatment, which spends $ 20 billion a year.

In the Letter of Rio, cardiology societies pose a goal of reducing mortality by 25% by 2025. For this it is necessary to reduce by 10% the prevalence of physical inactivity in adults, 25% increase in the control of high blood pressure, limiting salt intake to less than 5 grams per day, reducing by 30% the number of smokers and 10 % excess consumption of alcohol, reduce saturated fat intake by 15%, stop the increase in obesity, 20% reduction in the total cholesterol level in the population, provide medicines to half the people who need to prevent heart attack and stroke and provide drugs for at least 80% of the population who need them.

The president of SBC said that Brazil has prevention programs for cardiovascular disease, however, still timid given the magnitude of the problem. If you compare the programs we have for smoking and hypertension, for example, with the program against AIDS, which kills 30 times less than heart disease, is almost nothing. If you compare the campaign for breast cancer, which kills 36 times less than the stroke and myocardial infarction, the campaigns of heart disease need to be broadened. We defend the idea, of course, that the campaigns that exist in other areas are expanded, but the campaigns of cardiovascular diseases no longer so little expressive as currently being.

According to him, if nothing is done, by 2030 Brazil will be the world champion not football, but of death from cardiovascular disease.

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