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AIDS falls 36% in 11 years, but still kills one every three hours in SP

Data is the new epidemiological bulletin; campaign "Be Knowing" vai until Saturday, World Day to Combat AIDS

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Rapid HIV Testing Campaign Stay Knowing being done in Sao Paulo
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Rapid HIV Testing Campaign Stay Knowing being done in Sao Paulo

Survey of the Ministry of Health of São Paulo points out that, in a decade, there was a decrease of 35.7% incidence rate of new AIDS cases reported statewide. However, the disease still kills eight people each day on average in the state territory. The data are part of the latest epidemiological bulletin on the disease produced by the State Program STD / AIDS.

In 2000, the state recorded 10,667 notifications of AIDS, with an incidence rate of 28.8 new cases per 100 000 inhabitants. In 2011 there were 7,706 infections with a rate of 18.5 new cases per 100 000 inhabitants.

There was also a decrease in relation to the deaths. In 2011 were 3,006 deaths from AIDS in the state, against 4,181 in 2000, representing a decrease of 28% in absolute numbers.

Among men fell by 23% in absolute number of AIDS cases reported and 31% of total deaths in the period: 6868 occurrences were in 2000, with 2940 deaths, and 5270 last year, with 2,019 deaths among the population sex male.

Among women in 2000 were 3798 new cases and 1241 deaths from 2436 infections and 987 deaths in 2011.

The numbers indicate the control of new infections and stability in rates of AIDS mortality. Yet still occur a significant number of deaths daily in the state. It is therefore very important for early diagnosis, said Gianna Maria Clara, director of the State Program STD / AIDS.

Knowing <b> Stay </ b>

The Secretariat intends to hold until December 1, World Day to Combat AIDS, 150,000 free screening for detection of HIV, and syphilis and hepatitis B and C.

Stay Knowing The campaign, sponsored by the State Program of STD / AIDS in partnership with the Instituto Adolfo Lutz and the municipal Health, aims to encourage early diagnosis of these diseases.

Of the total number of exams offered, 30,000 are HIV rapid tests. In all, 526 municipalities in the state have joined the campaign, a total of more than 2000 health facilities. Were mobilized for action about 40 000 health professionals from different areas (managers, nurses, psychologists, social workers and laboratory technicians, among others).

Data <b> disease </ b>

In the state of São Paulo were reported 217,367 AIDS cases between 1980 and June 2012. Although the level of new infections is stable and the death rate has fallen in recent years, eight people on average die every day in victims of the disease state.

The campaign aims to alert the public to the importance of the exam, which is available in the public health throughout the year, says Gianna Maria Clara.

The campaign also aims to encourage people who have never performed the test to know their HIV status, regardless of their sexual orientation.

It is essential that people with active sex life do the test to find out whether they are HIV-positive. If the test is positive, it is important to immediately start tracking physician, explains the director of the State Program STD / AIDS.

<b> Campaign </ b>

To publicize the action were made and distributed to the entire state of 10 000 posters, five million brochures about the importance of testing and 500 thousand folders on the rapid test, and 30 000 t and 30 000 jackets for health professionals involved in the campaign .

The tests for syphilis and hepatitis B are as important as HIV. In case of positive results, allows for early treatment, interruption of transmission from mother to child, as well as partners.

The rapid test for HIV, made from fingerstick with small blood sample, it takes about 40 minutes and its effectiveness is equal to the traditional one. Tests for syphilis and hepatitis B and C use the same technology for HIV test.

Information on units that are participating in the campaign, as well as services that will meet on Saturday, the 1st, can be obtained by Dial STD / AIDS (0800-16-25-50) and on the website.

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