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Fold looking for young bariatric surgery program at the Rio

Amount of interest increased after disclosure ordinance allowing surgery to patients from age 16

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The demand for young people aged 16 to 18 years by the State Program for Bariatric Surgery increased from 3% to 6%, in less than a month. The amount of interest doubled following the recent disclosure ordinance of the Ministry of Health, allowing the realization of stomach reduction by the Unified Health System (SUS), for patients aged 16 and the minimum age was 18.

The trend is that demand will increase in this age group, said Dr. Cid Pitombo, project coordinator of the State Department of Health, held in State Hospital Carlos Chagas.

Even before the new ordinance, about 10 patients between 16 and 18 years were already accompanied by a multidisciplinary team comprised of physicians, psychologists, social workers and nurses. But according Pitombo, the option is to focus on preventive care for adolescents, ie, weight reduction diets.

"The reason for the priority option for non-surgical intervention is immediately related to any psychological damage in young people so, beyond the question of bone structure in formation. Teenagers under 18 are excluded from our surgical protocol, initially. Operate only under 18 in extreme situations, in which teenagers can not, for example, breathe right, or suffer from social exclusion that leads to psychological damage, "explained Pitombo.

To apply for a bariatric surgery bariatric surgery program in the state, the patient should seek outpatient care closer to home for a doctor to do an initial evaluation if surgery is necessary or not. If the operation is indicated, the doctor asks for a second evaluation Regulation Center for Bariatric Surgery state, which forwards the request form online at the State Hospital Carlos Chagas. The patient is contacted and has an appointment scheduled evaluation. And, importantly, there is no waiting list.

The patient has a body mass index within the indicated (greater than 40kg / m² or greater than 35kg / m² when factors associated with co-morbidity, such as hypertension and diabetes, among others), who meet the prerequisites of the Ministry of health and not have serious diseases associated are evaluated, prepared and operated.

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