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Anxiety is the fastest growing disease among professionals from the corporate world

Search with 15 000 Brazilian executives brings ranking with 10 most common diseases among executives of large companies

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Research to assess the health conditions of Brazilian executives held with 15 000 professionals from middle and senior management of major companies operating in the country, shows that anxiety is the pathology that showed the highest growth among professionals evaluated in the last three years, leading the ranking of the most common diseases of the corporate world.

If in 2010 14% of executives rated symptoms of the disease, in 2011 this percentage reached 18.20%, an increase of 24%.

Anxiety is associated with stress, which is one of the great villains of health. Besides, by itself exacerbate or accelerate the development of diseases, also departs from serenity to start the process of changing habits. It is not easy! Explains Caio Soares, Omint medical director and coordinator of the study.

The healthcare provider Omint, who made the survey, not only mapped the major diseases that affect Brazilian executives, but also the main unhealthy life habits that are the most responsible for the increased risk of developing heart disease and serious.

The figures show that 95.5% of Brazilian executives do not maintain a balanced diet on a daily, 44% are sedentary and 31.7% have a high index of stress. These indicators have remained static over the last three years, although most of them reveal intention of changing eating habits and physical activity inclusion in the routine, r

<b> Pounds </ b>

Also according to the survey, being overweight, a direct consequence of poor diet and physical inactivity, is also considered a serious problem in the corporate world. However, the indicators have been stable over the last 3 years. According to the survey, 38.6% of executives are with Body Mass Index (BMI) above 25. Within this universe, 18.99% are male and 11.53% female. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) can be considered obese a person with a BMI above 30.

<b> most common diseases </ b>

The research also Omint relevou what are the most common diseases among Brazilian executives. Pollution and improper maintenance of the air conditioning in the corporate environment allergic rhinitis placed on top of the ranking. The disease affects 29% of executives analyzed. The second place is occupied by skin allergy, reaching 22.4% of the total.

<b> See the rankings below </ b>

Pathologies - 2009 2010 2011

Rhinitis - 27.72% 28.31% 28.97%

Allergy skin - 22.58% 22.32% 22.41%

Pain in neck / shoulders - 20.50% 19.65% 19.36%

Overweight - 18.59% - 18.49% 18.42%

Frequent Headache - 16.81% 16.74% 16.50%

Anxiety - 14.77% 16.91% 18.19%

Asthma or bronchitis - 13.35% 13.47% 13.47%

Insomnia - 11.64% 11.07% 10.83%

High cholesterol - 11.49% 11.58% 11.53%

Chronic Back Pain - 9.85% 9.17% 8.52%

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