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Good doctors and examination of Cremesp

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Renato Azevedo, president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo
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Renato Azevedo, president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo

On 11 November, the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (Cremesp) promotes compulsory examination for graduates of medical schools.

So far, about 2,500 students enrolled in the trial, which has broad support from leaders of courses, teachers and students. Besides not being punitive, examination preserve the confidentiality of individual results.

In seven years of voluntary testing, employing the best available technology and following internationally validated models, the 4821 assessed Cremesp sixth year students of medicine.

The result is alarming: half was disallowed due to errors in elementary behaviors of diagnosis and treatment.

By law, the Cremesp can not deny registration to professional students disapproved, but now will involve the examination for registration in CRM.

The legislation allows the newly graduated doctor to practice in any field of medicine. Virtually no failure during the course and, as an aggravating factor, half of the graduates do not find jobs in residency as the best model of specialization.

Insufficient evaluations of the schools along Graduation Exam and National Student Performance (Enade) MEC has only temporarily reduce vacancies in a few medical courses, which soon returned to its full load in vestibular.

It is time to discuss the quality and not just quantity of doctors. The number of medical courses in Brazil just keeps growing-are already 198 in 2012, 116 private, with fees over £ 4,000. The current schools will form more than 18 000 new doctors per year, not counting the more than 2,400 new jobs announced by the federal government. Many courses operate without qualified faculty and non teaching hospitals for practical training of students.

We must stop the deterioration of medical education. More and more young people leave school without medical training, skills and abilities essential. When starting a career in emergency and public health units, doctors malformed endanger the health of those most in need of assistance.

Everyday Cremesp receives, on average, ten complaints against doctors. A doctor is revoked in Sao Paulo every month. There are more than 3,000 ethical processes in progress, much malpractice, therefore, among other factors, the malformation. Unfortunately, the trials, we have witnessed the condemnation of many young doctors trained in schools that received the worst ratings.

Before optional exam boycott suffered some schools of São Paulo and students who feared the negative result. On a recent visit to colleges to discuss the exam, the Cremesp stressed that everyone will gain from the expansion of the external evaluation and free of medical education.

The result can guide the improvement of the participants. Government and school leaders know the shortcomings of medical education. Medical Boards and parliamentary arguments will have to discuss the introduction of a mandatory national exam to graduates of medical courses. Finally, the company wins, it'll be safer in the hands of good doctors.

Source: CFM
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