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Doctors suspend patient care ten health plans in SP

Between days 11 and 17, had paralyzed the professional care to patients of these plans, but incrementally

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Doctors in Sao Paulo suspended on Thursday (18), elective care to all specialties of ten health insurance companies, keeping only the emergency and urgent care. Between 11th and 17th October, doctors had already paralyzed the care to patients of these plans, but incrementally.

The prediction of the Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM) which is about 4 million customers of health plans will be affected by the movement of doctors across the state. The association estimates that participate in the protest at least 4 000 of 50 000 doctors who work with extra health throughout the state.

Are not being met customers plans Green Line, Intermédica, Italica, Metropolis, Prevent Senior, Santa Amalia, St. Kitts, Seisa, Transmontano and Universal. Doctors claim compensation of £ 80 per consultation, values ​​of updated procedures as Hierarchical Brazilian Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM) and inserting in contracts criterion adjustment every 12 months.

<b> Compensation </ b>

The category takes the Doctor's Day to make a protest against the operators and to draw society's attention to the poor working conditions faced by doctors, such as poor remuneration of consultations, examinations and admissions denial, among other topics. The action will also be done in other states.

The Agency Brazil tried to contact the National Federation of Health Insurance (FenaSaúde), which represents specialty health providers and medical group, but could not touch through phones available from the press office.

The Brazilian Association Medical Group (Abramge) said through a statement that represents health plans in institutional terms, participating in working groups and technical chambers to discuss industry best practices, and analyzing new models remuneration to providers of supplemental health.

However, it argued that, due to the different regional characteristics, medical specialties and types of contracts of carriers with service providers (doctors, hospitals or laboratories), agreements for better pay are negotiated directly between the parties, without interference of the association .

According to data from Abramge, the private health sector serves more than 48 million people. Per year are made 890.3 million procedures, among which 254 million doctor visits, 517 million of additional tests, therapies 75 million, 38 million other outpatient visits and 6.3 million hospitalizations.

It said the complaints against health plans in consumer care services (Procon) nationwide reach two per 100 000 procedures.

Note <b> ANS </ b>

The National Health Agency (ANS) said the service to beneficiaries of health plans can not be harmed and that access to the service must be guaranteed. According to ANS, the plans can not charge additional amounts for any query or procedure that is agreed in the contract. The urgent and emergency services should be guaranteed and elective care should be rescheduled within the specified standard by the ANS.

In a statement, the agency said that has worked in the regulation of relations between operators and providers of health services, to ensure market balance and quality service to consumers.

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