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Medical Council investigates irregularities in hospital in Duque de Caxias

Unit came to meet about 1200 patients daily, today is just over 300 faces and administrative problems

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The Municipal Hospital Doctor Moacyr do Carmo, in Duque de Caxias, in the Lowlands, which has come to serve about 1,200 patients daily and today is just over 300, has been facing serious administrative problems. Tax Regional Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (CREMERJ) were, on Wednesday (17) on the unit to investigate allegations of irregularities. They toured the facilities of the emergency room and intensive care unit (ICU).

According to the president of the council, Marcia Rose Araujo, among the complaints is that the city eight months ago does not make the transfer of funds to a social organization in the public interest (Oscip), responsible for the administration of the hospital, which was not named. According to the president of CREMERJ, lack of resources directly affects the quality of care.

This worries us a lot because we have a population that needs this service. It can not depend on whether or not the city spends resources. If the mayor was reelected or not, and refuses to transfer the money to the hospital. She [the population] has no blame, he said.

Among the problems constados by the council are the loss of 12 beds hospital in one of the wards and the suspension of elective surgeries due to lack of medical supplies. According to Marcia Rose, lack of money also affect the remuneration of professionals working in the unit. She stressed that the delay in payment has caused the departure of doctors, desfalcando teams.

We received several complaints that the city has not made the transfer to the institute that manages the unit. This has made any reduction in service. It has reduced human resources and attending physicians in the ICU. There is a decrease in surgeries performed in the month. Around 300 surgeries are no longer being made because of lack of payment to the company which runs the hospital, said.

This is the second time that the Hospital Moacyr do Carmo is the target of a survey of CREMERJ. In August, the entity counselors were on site and witnessed a similar situation to that found during the inspection on Wednesday.

Report <b> vai for the MP </ b>

Although the hospital is the responsibility of the municipality of Duque de Caxias, the president of CREMERJ said it will meet with the state Health Secretary Sergio Cortes, to outline measures for the emergency unit. She said the state has an obligation to inspect and make local governments provide to their residents and ensure quality medical care.

Marcia Rosa also said it will send to the State Prosecutor survey report done in Hospital Doctor Moacyr do Carmo and that in December, the CREMERJ install an office in the city to monitor the situation of the unit to ensure reassure residents the region a decent hospital care.

The housewife Marlene Correa Gomes, 67, said her husband, who is visually impaired and suffers from diabetes, was admitted to the emergency room yesterday (16) with an inflamed toe, risking amputation. By 9:30 am, they [doctors] had not given medication to my husband. He takes insulin and blood pressure drugs. I went to the social worker, and she would not let me in to be with him, he said.

<b> Note </ b>

The Municipal Health Secretary Duque de Caxias reported that partnered with a Oscip for the management of hospital after agreements with the state government, which would transfer to the city $ 2.5 million per month as an aid to maintaining unit. The secretariat stated that the payment to the company not being done since April this year, because the state government does not aid the transfer of six months ago.

Sought by Brazil Agency report, the State Department of Health reported that the irregularities found in the Municipal Hospital Doctor Moacyr do Carmo are the sole responsibility of city hall. In a statement, the secretary snapped information.

According to the state agency, in April 2012, the city of Duque de Caxias asked the state government extra help to fund. It was signed, so an agreement through Resolution 301, published in the Official Gazette on 05/09/2012 - linking the transfer of $ 33 million in 15 installments to the fulfillment of goals of care. Were transferred initially £ 6 million. In the last 2 August, the department issued disbursement schedule to be transferred to the unit value of R $ 2.5 million, totaling R $ 8.5 million related to the resolution just agreed with the city [SES Resolution 301 of April 13 2012]. So far, however, the city has shown no productivity goals of orthopedic surgeries, conditioning the transfer of funds, which is why this [transfer] is suspended, it said.

The department also notes that the situation in which the hospital is located anterior to the agreement, although the State Department of Health has already passed for mayor of Duque de Caxias, for Hospital Doctor Moacyr do Carmo, plus R $ 40.5 million, from 2009 to 2012. And it comes to passing other values ​​and cost of medications for primary care.

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