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Anxiety and depression increase by 60% the risk of heart attack

Research conducted in 52 countries evaluated in a systematic manner the importance of risk factors for coronary artery disease

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Psychosocial factors such as stress and depression, increase the risk of heart attack by 60%. The data InterHeart integrates research, which involved 52 countries and aimed to systematically assess the importance of risk factors for coronary artery disease.

According to the cardiologist at the Heart Hospital, Program Officer for Clinical Care in Myocardial Infarction and Steering Committee member of the study, Leopoldo Piegas, "depression and anxiety were not treated as adjuncts of coronary heart disease, but today are treated as markers individual risk and deserve special attention because they can be confused with other crises, like doom and gloom, "he says.

After evaluating 30 000 patients who participated in the study, the researchers concluded that depression reduces the caliber of blood vessels and raises blood pressure. Have anxiety and stress increase the production of inflammatory substances related to coronary atherosclerosis.

The impact of depression on the cardiovascular system are also caused due to behavioral changes that cause the disease. "A person in depression or high levels of anxiety are more likely to consume alcohol, cigarettes, and other habits that favor the emergence of heart disease," explains Piegas.

<b> Stress </ b>

Another risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease is stress, which is directly linked to anxiety and depression.

Research conducted by industry executives with psychology HCor performing check-up at the institution revealed that 50% of executives with an average age of 40 years suffer from stress.

Of the 234 people surveyed, 79% are male and 21% female, and 37% in management positions, 20% of analysts positions, 8% are engineers and 35% other professions. Symptoms from the stress highlights the anxiety, and irritability with 75% to 51%. "Factors related to stress are present in family relationships, reduced time for leisure, physical inactivity, insomnia and mood swings. Moreover, personality traits, such as perfectionism, high autoexigência, anxiety and link to interfere in the work intensity stress, "explains the Head of the Department of Psychology at the hospital, Dr. Silvia Cury.

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