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Survey shows decrease of 92% in cases of conjunctivitis in SP

In all, 79,387 cases were recorded from January to July this year, against 998,185 in the same period of 2011

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Survey of the Ministry of Health shows that the number of cases of conjunctivitis in the State of São Paulo, reported between January and July 2012, decreased 92% compared to the same period in 2011.

According to the Epidemiological Surveillance Center (CVE) Secretariat, the counties reported 79,387 cases of conjunctivitis in the first seven months of 2012, against 998,185 in the same period last year. The notification of conjunctivitis is considered mandatory in outbreaks, or two or more cases of the same environment.

According to ophthalmologist Stefania Danca Pall, the Outpatient Specialty Várzea do Carmo, in the state capital, conjunctivitis is not considered a disease but an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the mucous membrane that lines the outside of the eyeball and inner eyelid) and may have high incidence among the population both during the winter and during the warmer spring and summer.

"The further spread of viral or bacterial conjunctivitis occurs during this period because their contamination occurs through interpersonal relationships. During the winter most of the population spends long periods indoors, even with the large crowd of people," says ophthalmologist.

She explains that in the days of high temperatures, the causative agents of conjunctivitis are also favorable situation, since there is a large exposure to sun, wind, sea water and swimming pools.

"This exhibition, for longer periods, can cause irritation to the eyes. Coçarmos the face and eyes with his hands repeatedly, we increase the chances of contamination in the eye region," says Stefania.

Among the main symptoms of conjunctivitis are feeling "sand in the eye", redness of the eye, persistent itching or burning, tearing, swelling and, in some cases, the presence of yellowish or greenish discharge.

"Search for the health service is the main recommendation shortly after the emergence of one or more symptoms. However, indicated that even before the medical care, the patient wash your hands and eyes with clean or filtered water and use cotton or gauze soaked with saline to make the cleaning of the eye region, "adds the ophthalmologist.

To the doctor, attend environments fresh and airy and maintain correct hand washing with clean water and soap or alcohol gel is among the measures that can facilitate the reduction in the number of cases of conjunctivitis.

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