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Minimum age to perform bariatric surgery fell from 18 to 16

Initiative of the Ministry of Health was based on studies that indicate increasing obesity among adolescents

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The Ministry of Health has decided to reduce the minimum age for people who need a bariatric surgery from 18 to 16 years. The decision was announced on Thursday (11), National Day to Prevent Obesity. In addition to this measure, is also provided for the inclusion of new tests and other surgical techniques. Proposal will still pass under public consultation.

The initiative was taken on the basis of studies that indicate the increasing obesity among adolescents, such as the Household Budget Survey of 2009 (POF), which found that in the range of 10 to 19 years, 21.7% of Brazilians with excess weight - in 1970, this ratio was 3.7%.

As reported by the folder remains orientation using bariatric surgery, the Unified Health System (SUS) as a last resort for weight loss. The procedure can be performed only in cases where there is risk of life of the patient. Prior to surgery, patients between 16 and 65 years must undergo clinical evaluation and surgical monitoring and have a multidisciplinary team for two years. During this period, the patient is subjected to a diet and if the results are positive in relation to these and other conventional methods, surgery is recommended.

For the Health Minister Alexandre Padilha, the proposals aim to increase access and provide more quality bariatric surgery. We want to enhance what already exists in the SUS access to the surgical procedure. The first measure to be taken is to increase the age. Data show the increase of obesity among young people and adolescents, important time of life for clinical other complicating factors related to severe obesity, such as hypertension and diabetes, says the minister.

A decisão consta da consulta pública nº 12, de 24 de setembro de 2012, que ficará disponível à população até a próxima segunda-feira (15). The proposal will replace the existing Ordinance No. 492 and 493, of August 31, 2007.

<b> BMI </ b>

Among the current guidelines that will not change is the Body Mass Index (BMI) - the ratio between weight and height squared - indicated for bariatric surgery, which is greater than 40kg / m² in people over 18 years (age expected to change). It can also be performed on patients who are between 35kg / m² and 40kg / m² and either diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, slipped disc among other diseases aggravated by obesity.

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Antes da cirurgia deveriamos ter uma reeducação alimentar, para não chegar a esse nivel.
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