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Antioxidants cheese curd can help prevent diseases

Search UFPE identified substances that prevent damage related to aging, cancer and heart attacks

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The cheese curd may also be considered a functional food, ie suitable for the prevention of certain diseases. So says the article Can artisanal cheese curds from Northeastern Brazil be used as a functional food? (The artisanal cheese curds northeastern Brazil can be used as a functional food?). The study is being consuzido by researchers at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

We identified peptides in cheese curd antioxidants that prevent damage related to aging, cancer, heart attacks, stroke and arteriosclerosis, and peptides with carrier function of zinc, which could increase the availability of this mineral in the body, helping cells to multiply defense . These are some of the bioactivities analyzed, however, as the cheese curd showed a high number of peptides (average 65), it becomes a strong candidate to possess other bioactive properties, such as anti-hypertensive.

Published in the journal Food Chemistry in June, the article started from the analysis of artisanal cheese rennet, with seal Defense Agency and Inspection of Agricultural Pernambuco (Adagro), produced in the municipalities of Arcoverde Cachoeirinha, Scrubs, Chains, São Bento do Una and Venturosa.

All cheese samples analyzed showed coliform within the quality standards required for human health. The paper gives an account of the activities antihypertensive, antimicrobial and antioxidant peptide obtained from hydrolysis of milk casein. Proteolysis, namely the breakdown of proteins that occurs during cheese production, results in peptides varied. They are responsible not only for flavor and texture, but also for bioactivity, ie, the influence of food on the body.

<b> Applications </ b>

According to biologist UFPE Roberto Afonso da Silva, researcher responsible for the study, bioactive peptides can be used in biotechnology, such as components of new drugs, and in human nutrition, as functional food. The work shows the great potential of biotechnology that gives high value to the cheese curd regional, contributing to the development of the productive sector of the State of Pernambuco, explains Roberto. However, it is still necessary that production is standardized to reduce the wide variation in quality between the cheese producers in the municipalities of Pernambuco.

We increasingly value those foods that are marginalized by being prepared in manual processes and, most often, by people without much technical knowledge of hygiene and disease transmission via foods, advocates. We can say that the cheese curd produced in the region of Pernambuco Agreste has significant importance in improving the health of consumers, provided they meet all sanitary and technological steps to ensure a safe food, "he says.

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