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Rio Carioca Stork program expands to serve more pregnant

Program now has twice the exclusive ambulance transport of patients, 50 000 pregnant women have benefited

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The program Stork Carioca, who has served more than 20,000 pregnant, will now serve a greater number of regions of the county. That's because were expanded to ten the number of ambulances that meet the unique service.

Transportation is triggered by a call center 24 hours and, in childbirth, pregnant women are taken to motherhood, previously referenced. The mobile unit has a team of nurses, obstetricians, who have access to information from the prenatal patient.

The program, which previously had five ambulances attended the Rocinha neighborhoods, Santa Cruz, Sepetiba, Patience, Complexo do Alemao and region and adjacent Madureira.

To participate, a woman must complete up to the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and prenatal care to a health facility in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The expectant mother receives the passport stork and know in advance what motherhood will have your baby, so you can make an appointment with an escort to the site to meet and ask questions about childbirth and receive layette for the newborn.

The city's investment in the program so far is $ 17 million. All primary units of the Municipal Health are already included in a grid reference, which indicates for which maternity pregnant women will be routed.

The program calls for the humanization of care. Maternity wards have spaces for relaxation during the pre-natal and pregnant woman can choose a companion for your confidence childbirth. After birth, the photos of newborns in maternity city can be accessed on Baby Carioca.

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27/11/2012 16:32:22
adorei este apoio as nossas gestantes,basta sabermos!funciona?
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