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Abramge considers decision ANS "interference" in private health care

Brazilian Association Medical Group says it will take action against the action plans that will suspend 301

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The Brazilian Association Medical Group (Abramge) considered as interference in the private health care market analysis process and decisions that led to the National Health Agency (ANS) to suspend 301 health plans across the country. It said measures will be taken against the action.

In a statement, says Abramge should discuss with its members on what action to take against this interference in the marketing of new products in companies struggling to maintain compliance at a high level, including the commercialization of new plans and this freedom is being curtailed .

The organization also criticized what he called a lack of clarity in the decision of the ANS. Again, it is not clear the whole process of analysis and decision to punish this or that particular operator for not paying attention. There were answered pertinent questions like: how many delays were recorded, how long and for what amount of care each operator penalized? , Says the note.

According to the association, the Brazilian private health sector serves more than 48 million people annually and carries a total of 890 300 000 procedures, of which 254 million are related to medical appointments; 517 million in additional examinations, 75 million therapies, as well as 38 million other outpatient care and 6.3 million hospitalizations.

If we compare the total attendance to the annual report of all Procons of Brazil, complaints against health plans are two complaints for every 100,000 procedures.

<b> Suspension </ b>

According to the decision announced today by ANS, from next Friday (5), 301 health plans administered by 38 operators are prohibited from being sold throughout Brazil. According to ANS, the sale of the plans will be suspended until companies suited to Resolution 259, which determines maximum periods for appointments, tests and surgeries.

Lifting the body indicates that, between July and September this year, there were more than 10,000 complaints from users regarding health plans not meeting deadlines.

The information from the National Agency of Supplemental Health indicate that the 1006 medical and hospital operators in the country, 241 received at least one complaint. Of these, 38 fit the broadest range of disapproval (note 4), indicator of claim 75% above average stipulated.

With information <i> Agency Brazil </ i>

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