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Drugs "mature" maintain much of the generics market in Brazil

Generic drugs with records between the years 2000 and 2003 represent 85% of the volume sold in the country

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Although since 2007 a series of patents began expiring represent an opportunity to increase sales of the generic drug industry, drugs mature, with records between the years 2000 and 2003, representing 85% of the total volume of drugs sold in units in the segment. In value terms, the share of mature drugs reaches 79%.

Data are from the Brazilian Association of Generic Medicines (ProGenéricos), based on statistics from IMS Health, an institute that audits the pharmaceutical market in Brazil and worldwide.

According to the organization, this means that the generics market is undergoing a phase of maturity, which should sustain the industry's growth in the coming years, as doctors and consumers are migrating to drug treatments more modern and higher value aggregate. Our goal is to achieve 45% market share by 2020. But more important than that, is to continue promoting access through safe and effective medicines, says Telma Salles, president of ProGenéricos.

The study results can also be confirmed on the list of most generic drugs sold in the country. According to the ranking of the 20 most marketed drugs, only 1 has a backlog 2003 (highlighted in red).

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The good moment for the Brazilian economy in recent years, it has become increasing income of the population, contributed decisively to the growth of the Brazilian market for drugs. Even with the basis of data from IMS Health, the study concluded that ProGenéricos the Brazilian pharmaceutical market grew 91.3% between 2003 and 2011. By excluding the share of generics in the market, growth is more modest, staying at the home of 55.8%. This mostr5a the weight of the segment in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry and increasing access.

With 101 manufacturing laboratories, 391 drugs registered in 3331 sales presentations, generics can now cover more than 90% of the needs of drug treatments in the country. It is the primary access tool available in the country, accounting for 65% of the products distributed by the program.

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