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Examination Cremesp in defense of the population

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Foto: Assembleia Legislativa de São Paulo
Renato Azevedo Jr., president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo
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Renato Azevedo Jr., president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo

Seven years ago the Cremesp conducts a voluntary and optional test for undergraduate medical schools in São Paulo. Almost half of the students about to enter the labor market, proved ill-prepared. Of the 4821 students who participated in the trial to date, 46.7% disapproved.

At the same time, the last decade has increased by 300% the number of lawsuits against physicians in Cremesp, related to malpractice, medical malpractice or ethical violations, largely due to the malformation, causing serious risks to health and life population.

In a recent resolution, with legal backing, the Cremesp became mandatory achievement and participation in the examination, without prejudging the medical record of the approval. It will also be guaranteed the confidentiality of individual results. The schools and the Ministry of Education (MEC) will receive the overall results, and without regard to students' grades.

There are two objectives in this decision: to assess the current state of medical education in Sao Paulo and try to improve it, with the participation of students, schools and MEC, and raise, in society, the discussion about the quality of medical education in Brazil.

The federal government, irresponsibly, bowing to pressure from lobbyists and special interests, exchanging quality for quantity, to authorize the opening of more medical schools in Brazil are now 196 courses in 2012, and 114 private. We have more schools that China and the U.S., only lost to India.

Many courses operate with inadequate curricula, classrooms with large numbers of students, faculty, insufficient and unqualified, no teaching hospital, automatic approval and without warranty of vacancies in medical residency. All this inevitably results in malformation of the doctors, to the detriment of the population who will be assisted by them, and the student himself, who is tricked by paying expensive, hoping for a formation that will not.

The institution of an examination for medical graduates, similar to the examination of OAB depends on Congress, where being processed since 2004, Bill No. 217, Senator Tiao Viana, establishing the National Examination of Proficiency as a requirement for the practice of medicine.

By promoting external evaluation, free and independent, Cremesp believes everyone will win. A self-assessment guide the improvement of the participants. The government and the leaders of subsidies to schools will improve the courses. The society and parliamentarians will have more information about the quality of medical education.

After all, who is interested in the absence of external evaluation of medical schools? Certainly not matter to medicine and to the public.

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