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SP researchers can extract stem cells through liposuction

Method is safer and proportional yield the number of cells obtained is higher than that in bone marrow aspirates

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Study of the Faculty of Medicine (FM), Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in Botucatu (SP), obtaining stem cells has occurred through liposuction and other plastic surgery techniques. The famous Lipo is a mature technique, with 34 years of history. And the fact that we extract stem cells from fat (adipose tissue) human is extremely positive since it is rich source of these cells, which may be obtained from the patient, highlights Elenice Deffune, teaching the discipline of Hematology in FM, where he develops research on the cellular engineering for 20 years.

It claims that this method is safer and yield proportional number of stem cells obtained is much larger than that in bone marrow aspirates or even collected in umbilical cord blood.

However proviso that applications consolidated collecting bone marrow and umbilical cord blood can not be fully replaced by stem cells from adipose tissue, because the cells obtained from each method may be used in different ways, giving rise to various tissues other treatments and studies.

<b> Stem Cells </ b>

Stem cells extracted from adipose tissue are considered mesenchymal cells have the capacity to differentiate and give rise to various tissues, such as cartilage, bone, muscle, neural and heart, in addition to possessing unquestioned ability to control immunity and is used in diseases Intestinal as Chron, autoimmune diseases and rejection mechanism for controlling the bone marrow transplants, among other pathologies.

Currently, cardiovascular diseases in the world are those that receive the most effective treatment with stem cells, followed by neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's - but in Brazil, which has a more strict clinical protocol for the release of medical treatments, many methods are still in phase experimentation.

For Deffune, the uptake of these stem cells by liposuction and their use in treatment are positive evidence of new paths of medicine. The Engineering Mobile is at the center of the virtuous circle may benefit patients in different specialties taking into account concrete results, insightful analysis, ethical protocols of the clinical phase consisting rigorously exercising so fully regenerative medicine and translational becoming fairer investments in research.

Recovery <b> </ b>

In the final testing phase for release in FM are the treatments for the recovery of tracheas in partnership with the clinic of Thoracic Surgery. Another partnership with the Heart Institute (Incor / USP) aims for the future production of new cartilage and blood vessels.

For now, only in FM treatments are performed in patients with chronic wounds exposed applicants in diabetic, hypertensive, or people with a history of leprosy (leprosy). We have had cases of open wounds for 47 years, who passed by our treatment and were completely cured, complete Elenice.

<b> Stem Cells and the pharmaceutical market </ b>

According to the teaching of FM, in Europe there are already pharmaceutical industries working together, who buy the waste of plastic surgery extraction of fat in order to turn it into medicinal products marketed already in great demand.

It is extremely important to establish criteria for surgical procedures that do not become part of market mechanisms, but continue to be conducted in a professional and ethical ends.

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