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Surgical technique promises to remedy cases of failure in operation retina

Liquid can get under the retina and prevent recovery of vision in 5% of cases of surgical displacement of the membrane

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A novel ophthalmic surgical technique, developed at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), promises to solve cases of retinal detachment surgery that had failed. In approximately 5% of the surgeries, a liquid used as a surgical tool, the perfluorocarbon may stay beneath the retina and prevent recovery of vision. At the same time that residue drains, the new technique removes membranes that proliferate in the retina and visual impair the ability of these patients.

For the professor of the Department of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, School of Medicine, UFMG, Márcio Nehemy, the technique "is a minimally invasive surgery, done through three microjoints the retina, half a millimeter each. Tweezers We use very sensitive to withdrawal of membranes and very fine needles, with a caliber similar to a hair, describes.

The operation lasts about half an hour and is done under local anesthesia. The day after the procedure, the doctor may already have an idea of ​​the outcome and the patient's complete recovery occurs gradually, over ninety days.

Three people have already undergone surgery successfully at St. Gerard Hospital, part of the complex's Hospital of UFMG. Without this technique, they would not have to be recovered, says Nehemy.

Recently, the procedure was awarded at the opening ceremony of Euretina 2012 European congress area, last September 6 in Milan, Italy.

The award is very significant because we have devised a technique within the UFMG and we had universal recognition of the scientific community. She is now accessible to other doctors and hope it will be used worldwide.

Retinal detachment <b> </ b>

The retina is a thin membrane that lines the eye and inside contains photosensitive cells, which capture the image and sent to the brain. When it is detached, the retina cease to function. To be recovery of vision, the retina must be replaced in its original position by means of surgery. In some cases, however, there is the formation of membranes within the eye, which reduces the possibility of successful with traditional techniques. Liquid waste that remain below the retina also impede its proper functioning.

In most cases, the detachment occurs spontaneously, due to the weakening of the retina. The problem affects about 1% of patients underwent cataract surgery and people who are born with a genetic predisposition, with a thinner retina. Myopic individuals are also more vulnerable. Already the leading external cause is trauma, or as a hefty punch. In these cases, the risk is even greater when there is perforation of the eye.

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