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Brazil needs to create demand technology in healthcare, government says

For Secretary Carlos Gadelha, the country has to stimulate incorporation of technological processes on the health agenda

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To the Secretary of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Health, Carlos Gadelha, Brazil needs to encourage the incorporation of technological processes on the staff area. Rather than analyzing applications, we need to create a demand for health technology, said during the 6th National Meeting on Drugs and Drug Innovation (Enifarmed), held in São Paulo (SP).

At the event, which brought together representatives of government, industry and academia, were appointed to strengthen the fundamentals segment in the country. Among them are: institutional coordination, purchasing power of the state, technology infrastructure, finance agenda, regulatory, research ethics and technological resources.

The convergence of public policies for industry and health was also considered a key vector. In the scope of these two policies, it is possible to promote industrial competitiveness, research, development and innovation (RD & I) jobs and increase the population's access to services and health products, said the director of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), Maria Luisa Campos Machado Leal.

Gadelha also reminded that the Ministries of Health (MoH) and the Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) are working in partnership within the Greater Brazil Plan, in order to encourage innovation and development in the area. Among the measures already announced to the industry of drugs and medicines, it is worth noting the preference margin of up to 25% for manufactured products and services that meet national standards and incorporate Brazilian technical innovation, regulated by Law 12.349/2010.

They have also been launched other important actions, such as the expansion of the budget and the doubling of the staff of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), who happens to act in a more active and participatory in sector issues of drugs and medicines and the area biotechnology, scored the Secretary's Innovation MDIC, Nelson Fujimoto. To get an idea, the estimated value of purchases in the area is $ 1.5 billion and deadlines are the measure of two years to five years for pharmaceuticals and other products.

Source: FAPEAM
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