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CT is more effective than catheterization for diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Study international, integrated by InCor institutions and seven other countries, used the CT of 320 cuts

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An international study, which includes the participation of the Heart Institute (Incor), Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo and institutions from seven other countries, noted that the examination of computed tomography cuts of 320 (TC 320 ) may more accurately diagnose which people presenting with symptoms of chest pain without infarction diagnosis, which will require invasive treatment such as angioplasty or cardiac surgery, procedures used to restore normal blood flow to the heart compromised by an obstruction in the arteries of the body.

Currently, according to the Incor, this diagnosis is done by using two tests: the catheterization, which serves to identify the existence and extent of blockage of the heart arteries and scintigraphy with stress, which assesses whether the obstruction is preventing the arrival of blood the heart muscle. However, these two tests exposes patients to a higher level of radiation exposure and risk of complications. The use of TC 320 reduces up to half the radiation to which it is exposed in comparison to the other two tests.

In an interview with Brazil Agency, the research coordinator at Incor and specialist in diagnostic imaging at the hospital, Carlos Rochitte, said there are other advantages in using the TC 320. With this technique, a single scan is non-invasive, 20 minutes, he said.

Furthermore, the cost of the examination done with CT 320 is smaller. According to the Incor, the cost of catheterization is around £ 8000 (£ 6000 for the examination and an additional $ 2000 of medical fees), and scintigraphy with stress, £ 1900. The cost of CT cuts of 320 is around £ 3300.

People with chest pain, but are not suffering a heart attack, form a profile of patients who may benefit from examination with CT 320. The patient (indicated for the exam), basically, is that having a strong suspicion of coronary heart disease in middle age, with high cholesterol, smoking, spoke.

The study, which began in late 2009, was conducted in 16 hospitals in eight countries and is coordinated by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. The importance of this study is precisely to be able to identify the patient who really needs to be addressed. We hope to better select patients, said the doctor.

Rochitte estimate does not know how long this test may be used by Brazilian hospitals to diagnose coronary artery disease. In Brazil, InCor and Einstein (Albert Einstein Hospital) have this equipment and conditions do immediately. The other hospitals will depend on whether upgrade or adopt the protocol for the equipment they have at the moment. One of our projects for the future is to try to extend this protocol to the equipment they are more available as the TC 64 (which, according to the Incor, this is an earlier generation equipment and is available in almost all hospitals of first Public and private line of the country), he explained.

The doctor also sees a strong possibility that this examination may be covered in future by the Unified Health System (SUS). Hopefully we can put that in SUS as quickly as possible, he said.

The 381 patients who participated in the study, 99 of them Incor, will continue to be monitored by the researchers for a period of five years.

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