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Tool can trace mood changes in physical exercises

Scale used to measure mood physically active population may be useful to monitor the emotional aspects of athletes

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In tests conducted in the Preparatory School Cadet Army Campinas with 123 volunteers from the Brazilian Mood Scale (BRAMS), it was possible to measure changes in mood during different loads of physical training. Results allowed profiling of humor to a Brazilian population physically active. The tests proved to be an efficient instrument for more accurate monitoring of changes in mood in response to training, which provide a psychodiagnostic seen the emotional state of the athlete. As we are dealing with subjective data about the humor, it is important to validate instruments that provide a measurement closer to the reality of the individual, the psychologist defines Delilah Victoria Ayala Talmasky. She presented dissertation at the Faculty of Physical Education (ETF), under Professor Luiz Eduardo Barreto Martins.

The tool is useful for monitoring the emotional aspects, which are more specific according to the results. Delilah is Talmasky psychologist Brazilian Paralympic swimming team and has also applied this same instrument in swimmers. In his opinion, the main contribution of this research is in obtaining a greater amount of information about the feelings that are generated by the thoughts and often directly influence the performance of the athlete. The important thing is to understand the picture, making the athlete also know better and be able to intervene in some specific points that affect the individual, explains.

Delilah Talmasky also worked as a psychologist at the Laboratory of Biochemistry of Exercise (Labex) of the Institute of Biology (IB), coordinated by Professor Denise Vaz de Macedo, for several years. It was at that originated Labex your search by using the scale with several modalities to support interventions with the athletes. In the laboratory analyzes were also made of the salivary enzyme alpha-amylase, which according to several authors, have their values ​​increased under physical stress and / or psychological.

"For each change humoral, the psychologist may propose different intervention strategies that encourage the athlete to improve their performance"

<b> BRAMS </ b>

BRAMS The instrument consists of 24 items grouped into six scale factors tension, depression, anger, vigor, fatigue and confusion and it was possible to determine the athlete's mood state at different times, as in a state of anxiety, depression or melancholy and anger. Subsequently, the results are placed in a chart, which permits reading of the person's mood. It drawn a midline at the 50th percentile, which corresponds to average mood humoral factor of each group determined to be compared with standardized values.

In the current item, for example, if the items are scored above average, this factor is positive, ie, in emotional terms the athlete is well in terms of energy, willingness or motivation. If, on the other hand, the negative other humoral factors are not below the midline, means that the athlete with some negative changes in mood, this result may affect their performance adversely. In this case, it may be necessary or psychological intervention to reduce the burden of training. For each change humoral, the psychologist may propose different intervention strategies that encourage the athlete to improve his performance, he says.

The scale was administered to a population of age 18, after a routine daily physical training and systematized and, second, after a week of camp under severe stress and psychological situation of extreme physical stress. Another important point highlighted by the study was the creation of Delilah profile sheet mood for the population of physically active individuals. Before the establishment of this sheet, comparisons of results could be misleading and therefore could have a psychodiagnostic wrong. This really validates our study. (R.C.S.)

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