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SES-MG rewards hospitals with better service to the community

The Award Celio de Castro is one of structuring programs in the health field and is offered by the government of Minas

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The central objective of the Prize is to reward Celio de Castro hospitals that best meet the populoação. In its second edition the State Department of Health (SES) covers four hospitals in the Pro-Hosp, structuring a program of the government of Minas Gerais, with the award. From first to fourth place are the winners: Hospital das Clínicas, Hospital Caesar Milk Manhuaçu, Santa Casa de Misericordia de Juiz de Fora and Santa Casa de Misericordia de Belo Horizonte, which receive, respectively, R $ 400 thousand, R $ 300 000, $ 200 thousand and $ 100 thousand.

The prize, held since 2008, takes place in two steps. In the first 130 hospitals in the Pro-Hosp, are evaluated with regard to its infrastructure, service and equipment provided. 2,500 items are analyzed. Of the 130, 10 entities are selected for the second stage.

The second time they pass by a visit in person, where they are weighed the following requirements: institutions implementing their actions in accordance with the structural programs SES, hospital staff who participated in the specialization course in Hospital Management, offered by the School of Public health, and ability to meet the demands of the communities served. From there are four institutions selected to receive prizes.

The evaluation is performed by professionals of the SES and the Medical Association of Minas Gerais. The whole process is accompanied by a judging panel comprised of renowned professionals in Hospital Management from outside the sphere of the Secretariat to validate the process.

The awards will be rolled back into improvements for the population. In addition to giving visibility to those who provide a relevant service, the program contributes to the work environment of organizations. We've heard reports of professionals who told us that the prize was a watershed for the hospital, contributing positively to the organizational climate. This motivates the public health providers to achieve better levels of performance, says the state Coordinator of Quality Improvement, Lismar Campos.


Pro-Designer is a program Hosp state government is innovative in Brazil. The project alters the relationship convenial to a contractual agreement between the State and public hospitals and private nonprofit serving the SUS. Allow you to take care of quality and meet the demands of the citizens closer to their homes, optimizing the efficiency of hospitals. This model aims to ensure that the patient moves the minimum to receive medical care, including avoiding travel to major centers or to Belo Horizonte.

Source: AG MINAS
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