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An example for the ANS

Sylvia Roman, labor lawyer.

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Sylvia Roman, labor lawyer.
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Sylvia Roman, labor lawyer.

The last measure of the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) prohibiting the sale of chips and mobile phones of companies with a large number of complaints to the Foundation for the Protection and Consumer Protection (PROCON) should be followed by other regulatory agencies that operate in the market National.

This applies to the National Health Agency (ANS), because this should urgently take the same steps with all health insurance companies that complement, and not complying with what was established in the contract, forcing many of its members to come with measures protective when they need some medical procedures so that their rights will be respected.

Currently most of these health companies, when selling their products, promise everything, but to honor its commitment ends up giving a tremendous weariness at the end of the plan or insurance. These associates are so disadvantaged by who was hired to protect them in some cases, end up having to use the Unified Health System (SUS) or having to pay out of pocket for services they thought they would be at their disposal when they are needed .

The NSA should interfere also in payments to doctors, laboratories and hospitals, which have their fees and costs reviled by members of the Association of Medical Group (Abramge), which through much lobbying, can increasingly escorchar those providing services to the powerful industry groups.

The most absurd of all this is that companies continue to sell their plans without increasing its service network, or its service capacity, and even that is in compliance with the contract in relation to doctors, laboratories and private hospitals that are routinely replaced by other service providers and whose cost is always considered at the time of replacement, not taking into account the rights of members.

In return these companies spend thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing strategies, in which planes are always focused on these vehicles, mostly available only for travel and leisure from the direction of strong groups. Since there is only associated to settle for the crumbs offered, often even having to beg them for what is right and for which he has been paying for a long time, believing in a security that will never be fulfilled in their time of need.

Congratulations to ANATEL. We hope that your attitude as an example to the NSA.

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