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More than 1800 health boards are already registered in Siacs

With the tool, you can identify municipalities that do not rely on community participation in the SUS

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More than a third of the boards of health are registered in the Monitoring System of the Health Councils (Siacs). The tool will allow updating of the data of the 5,565 municipal councils, 26 of the state and the Federal District by the National Health Council (CNS) and the Ministry of Health Until last week, the total number had reached 1,854.

With it, you can identify the municipalities that do not meet the provisions of the law and the resolution on community participation in the management of the Unified Health System (SUS) and on intergovernmental transfers of financial resources in health.

All state boards and in state capitals, with the exception of Goiânia, in Siacs have already joined. Rio Grande do Sul is the state where more municipalities have signed up, with 385 municipal health councils recorded the total of 497 cities in the state.

More than half of Brazilian cities have initiated the first step to enter the Siacs: 2945 were those that requested access to the system. However, it is essential that the registration process is complete, because the municipalities whose advice is not registered may no longer receive funding for health, says the executive secretary of the CNS, Márcio Florentino. He stressed that all councils must make the register as soon as possible, to ensure compliance with the Judgment No. 1660 of the Court of Audit (TCU), which in March 2011, stated that the Ministry of Health should only transfer resources to states and municipalities whose health councils consisting of 50% of users and another 50% made up of workers and managers. This ratio is determined by Federal Law 8142 and its Resolution 333 of the National Health

The President of the CNS, Health Minister Alexandre Padilha warns: We must continue making an intense mobilization for all 5628 health councils in Brazil will soon be registered. He points out that boards of health may also have the support of the Department of the SUS (DATASUS), which has mobilized its regional centers in each state to assist in the registration whenever necessary. We are striving to ensure that health advice may fit the TCU its judgment, so that the law is respected and that social control mechanisms to enhance its transparency, highlights the Director of the Department of Participative Management Support Department of Strategic Management and Participatory Ministry of Health, Julia Roland.

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