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PM mobilizes milk banks and hospitals in World Breastfeeding Week

Courses will be conducted manipulation of human milk for professionals who work in public milk collection in the state

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The Ministry of Health of the Amazon (Susam) starts, on Wednesday (1), the scheduling of World Breastfeeding Week which has the theme: Breastfeeding is now thinking about the future. In the state, the campaign will be held simultaneously in three human milk banks in the state of Amazonas and maternity wards of the state of health.

In the Motherhood Nazira Daou will be held the course in Human Milk Handling Tour Collection, which will be taught by professionals technique Susam of child health and is intended for professionals who work in positions of human milk collection.

Human Milk Bank in the Amazon, which works in the maternity Ana Braga will hold a lecture on the importance of breast milk, geared to visitors and companions who are in the unit.

In Human Milk Bank Fesinha Anzoategui, who works at the Institute of Women, and Galilee, which works in the maternity Marreiros Azilda, will be further work to raise awareness of mothers who are admitted with their babies on the importance of breastfeeding.

The overall program includes the training of professionals working in maternity wards for the importance of breastfeeding, where they receive information about the correct way to guide mothers, which the proper food for those who are breastfeeding and the care that they should have to have no problems with breastfeeding.

Moreover, the maternity wards and human milk banks will also be distributed informative materials with guidance for mothers about breastfeeding, the correct way to give the breast and the indication of the interval between feedings, among others.

The program will include also the delivery of the seal Mom footnote 10 for mothers who make up the Basic Health Units (UBSF) and who practice exclusive breastfeeding.

Interior <b> state </ b>

Besides the capital municipalities of Borba, Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Marazion, Parintins, Tabatinga and Foreign Ministry have special programs to promote breastfeeding.

In the Borba health professionals will be doing thematic programs on local radio which will broadcast information about the importance of breastfeeding.

In Santa Isabel do Rio Negro will be a series of lectures for both professionals and health care for pregnant women and mothers of children breastfeeding. Mothers will learn the major differences between the artificial milk and breast milk.

In Parintins wheels are made of conversations with mothers, distribution of information materials and awareness courses for professionals and mothers. In Tabatinga will be a walk and a cycle of lectures. In the Foreign Ministry will be lectures and home visits to mothers with children in breastfeeding for monitoring and guidance.

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