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Taxi Federal District participate in action against viral hepatitis

Motorists are being made aware of the risks and prevention to combat the silent disease

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Taxi drivers participating in the Federal District, this week of activities to raise awareness about viral hepatitis. The action is part of the programming of the World Day to Combat Viral Hepatitis, July 28, promoted in various parts of the DF. The goal is to warn drivers about the risks and prevention to confront this disease, which often progresses silently.

From 9h to 13h, this Wednesday (25), the coordination of the Program to Combat Viral Hepatitis of the SES-DF has provided 150 150 doses of vaccine and rapid tests for taxi drivers, in a joint action with the Social Service Transportation (SEST / Senat). The test is simple - just one drop of blood - and the result comes out in five minutes. According to program coordinator, Fachinelli Domenica, who has tested positive, is referred to an outpatient of the liver from public hospitals in regional Sobradinho Taguatinga, Ceilândia Planaltina, Mixed Unit of the South Wing and the Base Hospital.

The program continues in this sixth (27), from 14h to 16h, when there will be counseling, group discussion and health education during a meeting with patients with viral hepatitis and relatives in the South Wing of the Mixed Unit (Day-Hospital, 508 South) .

On Saturday (28), 9am to 16h, School North Class of P, in Ceilândia, about 600 students children and adolescents will be immunized against hepatitis B (those who have not been vaccinated). Have parents and the community residing near the school, are invited to participate in activities and to undergo rapid test for hepatitis C about a thousand tests are available. There will also be advice.

Programming the World Day began on the 14th of this month, when about 500 workers in the construction of the Mane Garrincha Stadium have been tested and vaccinated. On Tuesday (24), professional general services of the Central Laboratory of the Federal District (Lacen) attended the lecture, rapid testing for hepatitis C and counseling.

The Health Department of the DF recorded this year 82 cases of hepatitis C and 68 cases of hepatitis B. Adding to the figures calculated since 2007, were notified of hepatitis C 1081 and 872 cases of hepatitis B. According to the director of the Epidemiological Surveillance, Sonia Geraldes, diagnosis and treatment are made in any unit of the public health of the Federal District.

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