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New surgical technique helps reduce sequelae of breast cancer

Procedure preserves nerves during surgery. After one year follow up, 80% of patients had lower levels of pain

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The Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) reached a new surgical technique can reduce the sequelae of breast cancer. According to the surgeon Monica Pimentel Duarte, the experiment's results were encouraging. The isolated nerves studied in this research are easily damaged in surgical procedures such as this - during the procedure, two nerves preserved Monica - and third intercostal intercostal nerve - because of the way they are arranged, there is high chance of being harmed if there is no intention to spare them, he says.

After one year follow up, 80% of patients operated in this way showed lower levels of pain. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the arm was preserved in 64% of cases. After surgery with the changes proposed, the patients had improved considerably, says the doctor.

She explains that for a long time it was thought that these nerves hindered the operation of emptying, straining to control the cancer, so they were removed. Research has shown otherwise. Preserving these structures do not disturb the control of cancer. And the consequences for the patient justifies the search for an alternative, the researcher explains.

<b> Duration </ b>

Although requiring more care during surgery, the change in procedure does not require large increases in the time of the patient in the surgical. In general, added just 10 or 15 minutes, says Monica. However, not all cases it is possible to perform the surgery. Some situations, such as a large number of lymph nodes in the armpit, or nodules greatly increased, involving the nerve, preventing it to be preserved. But in most patients this is possible, the surgeon explained.

Monica also compared the benefits of preserving both or just the intercostal nerves. Although outperform when the two are spared, the difference is not significant enough to justify the preservation of the second nerve. The author's thesis, however, underscores the importance of further studies in the area. It is necessary to study the matter further, with more patients, to verify these findings.

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Valeria Silvestre Rainho
posted on:
21/10/2010 13:12:22
Bom dia minhas duvidas são:Descubri que tenho CANCER LOBULAR INFILTRANRE COM 08.9cm tenho que operar urgentemente;na axila o medico achou uma glandular solta.Para esse procedimento novo eu posso me subemeter.
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