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Myths about nutrition diet affect cancer patients

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A survey of the Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo (ICESP) pointed out the main questions and questioning of cancer patients treated at the food service unit. The poll of 1,400 people revealed that quite a few myths escape from reality and end up harming, much in the fight against the disease.

In the treatment itself, which can cause various unpleasant sensations, compromising food such as dry mouth, nausea or pain upon swallowing, misinformation can be an aggravating factor for nutritional risk. In June 2012, the group of nutritionists who performs outpatient care to patients of ICESP identified important myths that can bring harm to food and thus the nutritional status of people facing the disease.

Some doubts as eating red meat makes the tumor grow? , Skipping meals lose weight? are examples of common questions from patients and care a reality that, since this group may submit up to three times more nutrition than that observed in patients with other diseases. This is due to several factors, including the stage of disease and treatment phase, which can cause side effects such as decreased appetite and changes in taste.

According the the coordinator of the nutrition and dietetics at ICESP, Serena Ng, it is imperative to demystify some of these questions, to ensure the continued health of patients. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet is essential for good clinical and recovery of cancer patients, alert.

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