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Carriers deny ban on selling health plans determined by ANS

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The decision of the National Health Agency (ANS) to prohibit the sale of 268 health plans by 37 operators provoked mixed reactions in the companies, who spoke through notes. Unimed Guararapes Cooperative Medical Work of Jaboatão Guararapes (PE), said it will join the Justice against the measure.

We disagree with the way the analysis was conducted for the suspension of health plans by the NSA. The mechanism created by the NSA situation does not allow a reliable service to the beneficiaries, to ignore the deficiencies in the locality of action of the operators said, noting that there is lack of beds in private hospitals and medical professionals.

Unimed Paulistana Cooperative Medical Work, preferred to reassure your customers and said it has not yet been formally notified of the decision of the regulator. He claimed, however, which is already taking steps to analyze in depth the situation, what should happen in the short term.

The actions taken in this direction has not been revealed in the report of the ANS, which certainly will occur in a short period of time. We believe this measure taken by the NSA aims to enable these health plan operators are organized and are structured more appropriately.

The Brazilian Association of Medical Group (Abramge) said it will review the list released by the NSA. Among carriers of group medicine reported, should be considered the motives for the act of the agency, as well as the location, type of service and number of users also benefit.

About the need to meet deadlines for treatment, the Abramge said that most of what is defined in the standard is already exercised by the market. He stressed, though, that doctors have full control over their schedules markup, as well as laboratories for testing.

The National Federation of Health Insurance (FenaSaúde), which represents 15 groups of operators of private health care, said that operators will wait to speak out and then hit manifest.

Unimed Brasilia Cooperative Work informed, through his counsel, that the board was assembled and will only decide tomorrow (11). Unimed Interfederativa Federation of Cooperatives Medical Center-West and Tocantins and Unimed Maceió Cooperative Work were sought by telephone, but there was no response to calls.

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Health plans    Ruling 259    National Health Agency    Operators    maximum time limits   
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