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Union and mobilization for health

Roger Aguiar, president of the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers).

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Rogério de Aguiar Wolf, president of Cremers.
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Rogério de Aguiar Wolf, president of Cremers.

At a time when the government announces the creation of 2,415 new jobs in medical schools and insists on creating mechanisms to facilitate automatic validation in the country of medical degree obtained abroad, is an encouragement to confirm that doctors united and mobilized, leaving the streets like any other job category before the usurpation of their rights, have much strength, too much pressure capability.

It is what happened now, when doctors across the country followed the medical organizations in protest against the Provisional Measure 568/2012, which reduces the wages of the federal network of doctors by 50%. Occurred in all capitals demonstrations, showing the government and society category before the indignation of the unprecedented and utterly wrong that affects approximately 50 000 doctors, decisively threatening public health system.

The result is that the government backed down, and their congressional leaders are changing the MP, in the face of pressure from doctors, who, encouraged by national and regional medical organizations, behaved in a way seldom seen, making demonstrations, carrying placards and shouting slogans.

I have no doubt that this is the way to try to put a halt to the series of government actions whose genesis seems to be the same trivialization of medical work, although that directly affect the health care of the population.

The Cremers has struggled with the weapons they have against this overwhelming process, which begins with the underfunding of health. Therefore, we participate in all initiatives seeking to obtain more funds for health, good salary and proper working conditions in the public system.

This is the case of motion Health, Rio Grande, which is collecting signatures throughout the state to be complied with Amendment 29, which sets minimum percentages health. We can not accept that Rio Grande do Sul is the state that invests less in health in Brazil, a position shameful and inexplicable. Join the movement. Come together to change this sad story and humiliating. Access and leave your signature.

Now, in the wake of positive results of the operation with Holiday Health, Cremers is implementing the operation with Health Winter is an institutional program evaluation by its Division of Supervision, the real conditions of emergency apparatus to meet the demand for health coldest season and rainy season of our state. Moreover, the Cremers will seek to identify the critical points of the network that overloads the emergency room, always with the aim of providing better working conditions, doctors and patients a decent service. It is with this commitment that Cremers acts.

Finally, is the example of the mobilization against the MP 568. U.S., doctors are able to reverse a very unfavorable situation (although the mobilization is still required), a sign that this is the path to change and new achievements.

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