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Prisons of Paraiba earn drive health care to inmates

Multidisciplinary team will meet three prison inmates. Main focus will be to combat STDs and TB

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The inmates of prisons Ducks, and Cajazeiras Sousa, Paraíba, have medical care site. The initiative is the Department of Penitentiary Administration of Paraiba, in partnership with the State Health Department, which deployed at the Penitentiary Regional Ducks a health unit with ambulance that also meet the other two sites. The service meets the ordinance that seeks to include inmates in SUS.

The staff of the health unit will consist of a doctor, nurse, dentist, psychologist, social worker, nurse and assistant dental surgeon. The activities will be extended to the Women's Prison Ducks, define the missing days of service to internal as well as all professionals working in prisons. The first work of this team will make a more accurate diagnosis of the health of detainees.

In Brazil, reports Ziza, the most ordinary diseases that exist in prisons are tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. Overcrowding in jails contributes to the aggravation and transmission of these diseases. The state government has been working with the training unit of the Program for the Prison Health professionals can act more effectively and achieve the desired results, he said.

In Paraíba are more than 8,000 inmates, of whom more than a thousand are in the process of socialization, studying within the prisons. Others, who were convicted under half open and open work and are paid.

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