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The "magic" of the federal government

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Foto: Assembléia Legislativa/SP
Renato Azevedo Jr. is president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp).
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Renato Azevedo Jr. is president of the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp).

In announcing the expansion of 2,415 new jobs in medical courses, the Minister of Education, Aloisio Mercadante, and the Health Minister, Alexandre Padilha, resort, once again, wrong and populist arguments about the lack of physicians in Brazil.

By ignoring the real reasons for the lack of doctors in various departments and localities, the federal government points out, without any foundation, that the solution to health in the country would reach a magic number, the rate of 2.5 doctors per 1000 inhabitants.

The Cremesp, in partnership with CFM, has just made the projection concentration Doctors in Brazil in 2020. Even without opening a single new job with the scene frozen in 2010, in less than ten years, Brazil would reach the desired ratio by the government.

But this is a false debate. Even international organizations such as WHO, PAHO and compare discourage OECD countries from the medical-capita ratio, because there are differences in the extent of the territories, health systems, the socioeconomic status of populations, the demographic and epidemiological profile. In Brazil, the inequalities between regions and between health needs and between public and private sectors disallow a single national rate.

Unaccompanied by a clear policy for setting and appreciation of doctors, without Careers of State and without investment in the public health system, opening up more waves of Medicine, with no commitment to the quality of medical education, has announced the opposite effect.

It is truth that will grow the overall quota of doctors, but accentuate inequalities in favor of private sector health and areas with high concentrations of professionals. It is an irrational, for example, the opening of five new courses in Sao Paulo, in regions that already have medical schools and high density.

More jobs will play in the market with no medical qualifications, with the opening of courses in inadequate conditions, lack of qualified faculty to meet the new demand of students without teaching hospitals and lack of jobs in the medical residency. In an election year, is also clearly the intention of the Ministry of Education to benefit the private sector of education with 800 new jobs in 2012.

We invite the ministers to discuss the matter with the medical entities, without demagoguery, with transparency and intellectual honesty, whichever is the commitment to quality health care to the population.

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